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Twosday {Recently 2}

Shows I’ve been watching on Netflix:
1) Orange is the new Black – a Netflix original comedy/drama series about a woman in prison. It comes from Jenji Kohan, the creator of Weeds.  It does have some slow moments, but it is definitely entertaining and is shot in a similar fashion to Weeds so it has that same crazy/dramatic/fun feel like Weeds did.  Including the cliffhangers. We are a handful of episodes in and it seems to be getting better with each episode.
2) Greek – an ABC Family series set in a college, focusing on the inner workings of the Greek fraternity/sorority system and college life.  Typical ABC Family type drama and interaction, totally light and entertaining.  And of course a little bit ridiculous, overly emotional, and characters that you grow to love and hate.  I like that I can have it on while I am blogging or returning emails and still follow along. To me, it is similar to shows like 7th Heaven, Make it Or Break It, and (similar but not as good as) Dawson’s Creek.

Longest runs so far in 10K training:
1) 4.2 miles on July 7th.
2) 4.55 miles on July 13th.   Neither run was particularly easy (not that I was expecting them to be) and I will attribute that to the heat and the fact that they are the farthest distances I’ve run alone ever. Immediately after that runs I was hot and exhausted, but a few days after the runs, I am pretty impressed with myself that I actually ran that far without major issues! A little over 3 weeks until my 10k and while I am definitely more confident than I was 3 weeks ago I am still a bit intimidated since it will be the longest distance I’ve ever run! eep!

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 8.53.20 PM

Things I am SLOWLY getting better at while running:
1) Starting slow so that I am not killing myself the second half of the run.  I think this is the hardest part of running for me.
2) Concentrating on running instead of what songs are playing.  I mean, obviously music helps motivate me to run, but I have a pretty bad problem of skipping songs ALL the time which leads me to concentrate on that rather than running.  Making sure my playlist is fresh is the easiest way for me to avoid this problem.

Sounds that drive Olive CRAZY:
1) Airhorns.
2) Fireworks.

Blog conferences coming up that I am REALLY looking forward to:
1) BlogHer is in Chicago in NINE SLEEPS!!  I cannot wait for a mini vacation/blog conference/meeting lots of new and awesome brands and people.
2) The Healthy Living Summit is in a little over eight weeks!! I cannot wait to see some of my best blends!

Have a great week!

*Twosday post inspired by Heather *

11 Responses

  1. I definitely have to work on starting off slow when I run especially in this heat!

    • Yes, this heat is killer!

      I don’t know how people down south do it. I’d like Fall weather to be here any day now! 🙂

  2. 1. Orange is the New Black. My sister has told me that this show is awesome and I added it to our queue last night. How did I miss this was a Jenji production!?!? Moving it to the top of the queue STAT!
    2. She also LOVED Greek. I think perhaps you two should swap television recommendations! [maybe when you are in the cities? There is a good possibility you will get to meet her!!!]
    3. Proud of you for all the running stuffs!! Add Do It Anyway to your new playlist – it helps you run [you know, do it anyway] even when you dont want to 😉


    • Do it Anyways is DEFINITELY on my playlist. Love that song! The lyrics of that song are pretty much what I need to listen to in every situation at the moment.

      “Read me off a list of the things I used to not like but now I think are ok ”

      Um yeah.

  3. Wait, there’s a frat/sorority show reminiscent of 7th Heaven? That doesn’t jive in my brain. Haha! 🙂

    Great job on the running! Careful this week though–I can barely survive short walks with the kid in this heat.

    • More so the high school drama side of 7th Heaven, though there is also a religious “anti-Greek” character in the show as well.

      And seriously this weather, I can’t even deal with it! I was supposed to run yesterday and ended up not going because I felt like I might just melt in the heat. (among other reasons 🙂 ) I can’t wait for Fall!

  4. Looking forward to checking out orange is the new black. We are in the middle of house of cards which I am loving although there are also slow moments. I think that happens when you don’t have the pauses for commercials more.

    • My husband really likes House of Cards!

      Yeah I think you’re right. Watching something straight through is a different experience than having even 30 seconds of commercials every once and a while!

  5. I didn’t know you were going to BlogHer! I’ll be there, too. Let’s meet up!

  6. I just started watching Orange is the New Black yesterday. So far I’m liking it and am thinking the flashbacks they do work well.

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