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Project Life Week 29 {July 14-20, 2013}

Week 29!

Another fun Yelp event this week as part of #YelpsBigBite – a fun cheese class at Fromagination! I learned lots of things about cheese, and cheese companions, and I got to eat some tasty cheeses as well!

This week I went to a luncheon that my mom hosted for all of my female relatives on my dads side of the family.


Some detail.


Olive had her semi-annual vet exam, and she actually lost one pound!  Which may not sound like much but is huge for her considering she eats anything and everything and is not a fan of walks that are longer than it takes for her to go potty and come back inside. The vet tells us she should probably lose a little more weight, but that is a start in the right direction!

I also played soccer for the first time in…oh….10 years maybe?  Yeah.  Fortunately it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, but I was definitely sore for a few days!


I also got a new phone!  The camera on my iPhone 4S broke and I tried everything to fix it.  So, about 3 weeks later, (I cannot believe I went without  phone camera for that long!) I finally decided which phone I wanted and went and got it.  Yes, I ventured out of the iPhone world for the first time in..well…since I had a non-smart phone many years ago.  So this was a big (and kind of scary) step for me, since I am a pretty big Apple fangirl.  I love my HTC One so far though, and I imagine I’ll love it even more once I get used to all of the small differences from the iOS.  Maybe I’ll do a post on the differences between the two at some point.

This week I aso received some free samples of MetroMint water to try and review on the blog.  (Full disclosure: I’m not being paid and the opinions are completely my own) I didn’t love the water, just too strong of a mint flavor for me.  I do really like that there are no artificial sweeteners or chemicals in it.  Aside from just drinking it straight, they suggest using it as a mixer, or even freezing it into ice cubes to put into a drink. I definitely want to try the ice cube idea! I would imagine putting it in plain water would dilute the strong mint flavor a bit and make for a refreshing beverage.


Oh, and I put a screenshot of some of my 10k training stats in the spread as well.  I still can’t believe I ran 4.5 miles!! Things were going well with training that week, and I felt pretty confident. Unfortunately since then things have changed and training hasn’t been going as well…but I’m trying not to dwell on that and just let it be what it is. My only goal really is to finish.

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