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Twosday {Chicago Style}

New places I went while in Chicago last weekend: 
1) The Terrace at Trump Tower.  This bar/lounge/restaurant is on the edge of the 16th floor of the Trump Tower.  It has expensive drinks, food, and great views – particularly good for watching the Navy Pier fireworks! Though the drinks are expensive, it definitely feels swanky, and if you just go for one drink, or even maybe just a dessert or appetizer, it doesn’t have to be an expensive excursion.  I will warn you though that it isn’t a large space, so there is often a wait.  We got there around 9:15pm on a Saturday and had to wait about 45 minutes.


2) Do-Rite Donuts. There will be a full review to come, but  in short: OMG YUM!

Favorite parts about going to see The Second City (which is also a place I visited for the first time):
1) It really was like what I would imagine seeing Saturday Night Live in person is like. I can see how so many people that start there end up doing big things!  I definitely recommend going to see it while you are in town if you can. Fair warning though, it is a bit on the edgy side, so don’t go if you are easily offended.
2) Old Town (the area of Chicago where Second City is located) is a pretty cute little area.  There are a bunch of different shops and restaurants, it feels a lot smaller than the big city that Chicago is.

Healthy choices made while traveling:
1) NOT walking all over the place before running a 10k.  I’ve been having some foot pain, and I’m almost positive it is overuse related. Usually when I am in Chicago I just walk and wander all over since it is such a walkable city, so it was kind of hard for me not to just wander to find food, but instead make a plan with limited walking.
2) Icing my foot every night, even when it wasn’t hurting a lot, as injury prevention. Katy wrote about how well Arctic Ease cold wraps worked for her and I knew I had to give it a try. They did not disappoint.  I love that they are ice and compression in one, and they are particularly handy for traveling since they don’t need to be frozen to stay cold!


Favorite swag from the Zooma 10k that I ran:
1) The tote bag! I love that it is super cute and re-usable, not just another plastic bag.
2) The race tee! It is a navy blue tech tee, and the size that I got is actually a pretty perfect for me.  It is my first tech tee style race shirt, so that makes it a little extra special too.

*Twosday post inspired by Heather *

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  1. Do-Rite is my favorite!! And their iced coffee is amazing too!

  2. Reading this just makes me want to visit Chicago even more (I’ve still never made it there). I can’t wait for the Do-Rite review, mmm doughnuts!

    • Yes!! I feel like once you make it to Chicago some sort of dessert tour is needed. Doughnuts, FroYo, Cupcakes, YUM!

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