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#BlogHer13 Expo Highlights

While attending BlogHer in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky to be able to learn about some great brands and meet some great brand representatives at the Expo.  These sponsors are not only important to the conference because the expo allows bloggers to talk face to face with different brands, but through their fees they also help cut down the cost of the conference.  So aside from the great swag, and fun contests they were all running throughout the conference, they were there to interact with bloggers and introduce people to their brands.

The first night of the conference there were a few hours set aside just for time at the expo, and it was open throughout the weekend during the sessions as well.  I had a lot of fun exploring the expo to learn about new companies, and talk with some brands that I already know and love.  Rather than go through each and every thing that I saw and experienced, I thought I’d just highlight some of my favorites, and the most unique things I saw at the expo.

There were lots of booths handing out tasty treats, and representing different food brands.  I was very excited to see on of my favorites, NatureBox, there! I don’t currently subscribe to their box, so I was excited to try some of their snacks again. They were handing out several different snacks at their booth, and I totally fell in love with the Big Island Pineapple. It is just dried pineapple, no added sweeteners or flavors or anything, but I swear to you it tastes like a tropical fruit roll up. So good.  Now I kind of want to sign up again so I can try all of their other dried fruits!!

Another favorite treat of mine was at the Coffee-Mate booth.  Now, I don’t actually use Coffee-Mate, but I had to check out their booth because they were there promoting their line of Girl Scout Cookie inspired flavors so I had to check it out.  While I didn’t leave convinced that I need to add Coffee-Mate to my coffee, I did fall in love with the macarons that they were serving aside their new flavors.  They were SO good.


The Land O’ Lakes booth was also serving some delicious food to show off their product line.  I also thought it was great that they were serving a variety of different foods throughout the day, definitely incentive for me to come back to their booth! My favorite things that I tried at their booth were the Chicken and Kale Raviolini, which features their new Sauté Express Squares line that I am super excited to try, and also the Dessert Grilled Cheese.

While we are on the topic of food, I should give a shout out to Folgers, for always having fresh (and free!) coffee available in their booth, as well as some delicious Pilsbury donut holes.  A fresh cup of coffee was just what I needed in between the afternoon sessions.

I really enjoyed the variety of brands that were represented at the Expo.  Obviously I was drawn toward the food focused ones to start with, but I liked that there was a variety of other companies there as well.  Some companies that I was excited to be introduced to there for the first time were SodaStream, Simply Saline,  Blendtec, and Cans Get You Cooking.


I was particularly impressed with the Cans Get You Cooking booth.  I love that it wasn’t there pushing a particular brand, but more of an idea.  The idea is that using canned foods for cooking saves time, and doesn’t sacrifice nutrients.  For someone like me who isn’t always super motivated to cook a fancy meal, this is a cause I can get behind.  Much easier than using fresh veggies, but still as nutritious? I’m in!


I chatted with a Registered Dietician that they had there, Rebecca Scritchfield, about using cans in cooking, and even got my own photo (With Sandra!) on a can! I’m pretty sure this was the most unique piece of swag from the event.


Overall the expo was fun, and I liked the variety of brands represented.

I swear there was more to BlogHer than food and swag!  I have a couple more BlogHer inspired posts in the works.  Hopefully I will get those up sooner rather than later 🙂

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  1. thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading this post!! The Cans for Cooking thing sounds AWESOME.

    Also – that samoa coffee mate is my new favorite indulgence at the office. Stephanie bought me a bottle as a gift, knowing I love all things caramel/toffee and I can’t get enough!!

  2. I adore my soda stream! Makes me drink lots of water at home and I like flavoring it my own way. Also great for cocktails

    • Ooh, good idea to use it for cocktails! My husband has been wanting one, maybe it would be a good Christmas gift…hmmm..

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