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Project Life Week 30 {July 21-27, 2013}

Hooray for Project Life!  I am so excited to be back at this project.  Traveling on the weekends really cuts in to the time I usually spend on it so I’m quite a bit behind – hopefully not for long!

This week was was pretty much all Chicago.  I was in Chicago breifly for work, and then stayed there through the weekend for the BlogHer conference!

The first page represents some of the food I ate while in Chicago. Epic Burger,(that links to the review I did when I was there 4 years ago.  It is still one of my favorite restaurants in Chicaog, and now it has a bunch more locations!) Hot Chocolate, and Par Bar.  Man, Chicago has delicious food!


Some detail – a napkin from Epic Burger.


I added three different inserts for this week.  The first is Olive’s report card from her doggie hotel stay. (she was there for a few of the days that I was out of town)


 The second insert is of the BlogHer agenda.


The third insert is a bunch of photos from BlogHer.  The expo, the food, the city, and the speakers.  The “celebrity” type speakers were a big draw to go to the conference.  Well, I mean they weren’t announced until well after I bought my ticket, but I was definitely excited to see them.  Some of my favorites: Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman), Sheryl Sandberg ( the COO of Facebook and author of Lean In) and Gale Ann Hurd (movie and television producer and writer of awesome things such as The Walking Dead, Terminator, and Aliens.)  Queen Latifah was also there hosting a portion of the conference.  It was awesome to hear all of these woman speak!!



And some details from those pages.



The last page includes a few other things I did while in Chicago.  Including cupcakes (of course), FaceTime with the husband and pug, more food, and the BlogHer 5k.


Oh, did I forget to tell you? I ran the BlogHer 5K Fun Run while I was down there.  While it was pretty nice to run along the lakefront in the early morning (I’d never run the lakefront path before), the race itself was rather disorganized and (as you can see) I didn’t end up actually running 3.1 miles.  But it was a non-timed fun run, and they did provide us with breakfast afterwards, as well as a FitBit for running the race, so I can’t really complain.



Another week of Project Life is in the books!

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