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Twosday {The Past Two Weeks}

One time, I barely blogged for a couple of weeks.  Here are some things that happened during that time.

Other states I’ve visited: 
1) Pennsylvania
2) Minnesota

Events I attended:
1) A gorgeous wedding for a good friend.
2) The fifth annual Healthy Living Summit. (Spoiler alert: It was a pretty amazing event.  More #HLS13 blog posts to come!)


(Photo courtesy of Megan and the HLS Facebook Page)

 Weather related things:
1) The weather in Minneapolis for HLS was FANTASTIC. (Well, minus some rain on Sunday)  I know it was a bit on the cool side for some of the bloggers from warmer climates, but it was very conducive to walking all over without ending up a sweaty mess – which it would’ve been if the hot weather from earlier in the week stuck around.
2) I would be very excited if this cooler weather was here to stay.  It would really help me get into the Fall work-mode mindset, and I love everything about Fall clothing. Boots! Layers!

 Consequences of doing all of the things:
1) Sore feet and many blisters.
2) Exhaustion.  By the time I got home yesterday afternoon my brain and body were so done functioning at a high level for a while. (I am back at work today, so they didn’t get much of a rest unfortunately.)

Once my brain has a little bit of time to catch up with life I have many blog posts to write about various restaurants, sessions, and awesome people that I was lucky to spend time with over the past week.

Pssst…the 2014 Healthy Living Summit location and dates have been announced!  I am SUPER excited to tell you that it will be September 11-14 in MADISON, WI!!

13 Responses

  1. yayyyyyy hls madison! i think i’ll finally be able to make it to one! 🙂

  2. It was so great to meet you in person at the wedding, Kelly!

  3. Considering how tired I was from just attending, I can only imagine how tired everyone else on the planning team was. Thanks for your hard work!

    • Thanks, Katie! I mean I love my pets and my husband dearly, but it was a little rough not to wake up to 100 smiling faces this morning. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for everything Kelly, it was such a blast! I’m glad we finally go to meet “in person”! haha So pumped for HLS in Madtown!

  5. So glad things went well
    Back to reality:)
    We miss you and your blog.

  6. I’ll add to the theme of these comments… it was great to finally meet you! And thank you again for coming in to talk to my students!

    • Yes, it was great to meet you, too! And it was fun talking to your students, I was impressed with the great questions!

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