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Restaurant Review: The Local

Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money.  The opinions are completely my own and I am not being compensated for this post.

Have I mentioned already that Minneapolis seems to be filled with many different local restaurants?  It’s true.  For each meal, there were several local food options within walking distance, and many more a short cab ride (or long walk) away. After a full day of Summit activities, we were ready to get out of the hotel for some food.  Megan, Megan’s boyfriend,  Heather, Julie, Danielle, Emily, Elizabeth, and I headed down the street to The Local.

The Local bills itself as an Irish Pub – but definitely not a typical Irish Pub. Aside from having a large beer selection and serving ruebens and other pub standards, they had many other options as well.  Lots of different plates made for sharing, hummus and cheese platters, and more.

I started my meal with a glass of Malbec.


My dinner was a bit of a hodge podge of food, but it was a good one.  I ordered a cup of baked cheddar and tomato soup with a side salad, and a side of fries.  I only have a (not-so-great) photo of the soup because by that time it had gotten a little too dark for decent photography.  Also, I was hungry and didn’t want to spend a ton of time getting good photos. 🙂


The fries and salad were good, but the soup really was the star.  On the menu it is described as creamy tomato basil soup under a crouton and melted cheddar cheese.  It was delicious.  There was enough added cheese to make it feel a little bit more complete, but it wasn’t so much that I felt like I was eating cheese dipped in soup.

Taste: A+, all of it was really delicious.
Cost: A, I don’t remember exactly how much it all cost, but I don’t remember it being particularly expensive, espesically considering it was so tasty.

Would I go there again?  Yes, if I was in the area I do think I would go there again.

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  1. Yum! I went there after a St. Patrick’s day race and had the best Irish Coffee ever! That soup looks really good, I will have to remember them as a food option, not just drinks!

  2. I somehow ended up going here twice the short time we were there. It was quite good!

  3. Hahaha, Kelly “somehow” ended up going there twice while there because she was my roommate, and I HAD to get that tomato basil soup a second time! It was THAT good.

  4. […] crispy breading is pretty amazing. 2) I am still thinking about that tomato basil soup from The Local in Minneapolis.  I think it might be time I recreate it.  …with the help of the Ninja blender […]

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