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I {Heart} Google Now

So, when I made the switch from and iPhone to an Android, I knew there were things that would be different and might take a bit of getting used to.  I knew that there would be things that I liked more, and hopefully not too many things that I liked less. One of the things that I really like about the Android operating system is the integration of Google Now. I mentioned Google Now in a post a few weeks ago, and had no idea that it wasn’t already super popular, so I thought I’d write a post about it.

What is Google Now? Basically a way to manage your day without really even doing anything. Like having a personal assistant that just knows what you want to know and puts it all in one place.  On Android (mine, at least) you can add it as a widget, so you have kind of an at-a-glance view of things, and then you can also go into the app for more detailed information.


(this is the widget view)

I will admit, I was weirded out a bit at first when I looked at Google Now and it showed the tracking information for a package that was on its way to me without me entering it into anywhere.  (It knew because it looked at my GMail and saw that there was a shipping notification in my inbox.)  So, I was a caught a bit off guard that it was reading my email, but in the end I’ve found it super helpful.

Another thing that it is wonderful at tracking for me: Flights.  And not only my flights, but any flight notification that is in my inbox.   So, when Mindy sent me her flight information so that I would know when to pick her up at the airport for the Healthy Living Summit, that then showed up in Google Now. (That case was particularly helpful because her flight actually landed early!)


(just a few of the things it will show you)

Another fun feature of Google Now is the Activity Summary.  It is just an estimate (and I haven’t compared it to what my FitBit tells me, so I don’t know how accurate it actually is) but it is fun to see how much you walked in a month, and how much you walked that month compared to the one before. (please note, I got my phone at the end of July, hence the crazy low number.  I’m not actually that lazy.)


Other things that it does well:

  • It tells you the weather – where you are, and where you are going if there are any travel itineraries in your inbox.
  • It keeps track of sports scores for you.  You just set which teams you area interested in, and it will show you scores and game progress.
  • It shows real-time stock information.
  • It shows you breaking news, and news relating to things that you have recently searched.
  • When you are out of town and out of your time zone, it tells you what time it is at home.

Google Now is available for iOS, as well as Android.  The major difference is that on iOS, you don’t get the widget view, you have to actually go into the app to see all of the “cards” as they call them.  That widget view is why I love it so much, it wouldn’t be nearly as helpful if I had to actually go into the app to see everything.

Android lovers! Do you use Google Now?
What other Apps do you love?? Please share!

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  1. I’m sticking with my iPhone now, but that does look pretty awesome!

  2. guess what I’m going to ask you…..

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