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Project Life Week 38 {September 15-21, 2013}

Week 38! This week is a bit of a continuation of Healthy Living Summit fun, but then back to pretty much normal life.

The week started with the end of official Healthy Living Summit activities, and a walk to Steepery Tea Bar with some bloggers. (Yes, that place that recently opened in Madison is based in the Twin Cities.) It was a great, relaxing end to the Summit.


I stayed in Minneapolis through Monday, to relax myself a bit before diving back into work.  In a semi-last minute decision, Heather and I spoke to some middle schoolers about blogging.  It had been quite a while since I had been in a classroom (especially middle school) so I was a little nervous about what it would be like.  It actually went really well, I was pretty impressed with the questions they came up with!


I came home to a few different subscription boxes waiting for me this week!

Barkbox (affiliate link) was the first I opened and it was filled with lots of goodies as usual.  Olive’s favorite thing this month was the Aussie Naturals Floppie Crocodile with Rope toy! There were some good treats in the box as well, but at this point we have enough to last her a few months so I think we will be taking a break from this box for a while.


My PopSugar Must Have Box  (affiliate link) this month was awesome, as usual.  I think my favorite thing in this box was the Barr-Co Reed Diffuser, which is actually kind of surprising because I’m pretty picky about which scents I like.  Something else I’m pretty excited about is the P.S.-You’re Invited (affiliate link) book.  I haven’t done any of the projects in it yet, but the book itself is beautifully done!

My ipsy (affiliate link) bag this month was great as well. You really get a lot for your $10 in that bag – not to mention the bag itself is different every month and always cute and useful as well.

This month, I also got another Love with Food box because I found a great deal on one.  It is fun to get food boxes, but my pantry just gets full and overwhelming so quickly,(getting one after coming home from HLS with bags of swag maybe wasn’t the best decision) I don’t think food boxes are for me.  I just don’t eat the random snacks fast enough.


The last event of the week was lunch at DLUX for my mom’s birthday with my parents, brother, and his girlfriend.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I love your Project Life posts! I am contemplating doing something similar next year , but feel like I really don’t do enough in the average week to fill it up.

    • Awww, thanks Michelle!

      Doing this project has really taught be to photograph and keep little things to fill up the pages on weeks that don’t have much going on. You could also use a smaller binder so you wouldn’t need to have so much to fill the pages!

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