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Project Life Week 40 {September 29 – October 5, 2013}

Week 40!  I kind of can’t believe that I made it all the way to October without getting too far behind on this project.

This is the first week of the year that definitely felt like Fall.  Knitting.  Leaves.  Coffee.  I love it.

This week I gave away a Musselman’s Big Cups prize pack. (love them!)  And I got a Stitchfix! (affiliate link) I kept TWO items this time, and I was overall pretty happy with everything in the box.  I really love Stitchfix, not only because the feeling of having someone shopping for you is pretty cool, but also because often there are things in the box that I wouldn’t necessarily choose, but I end up really liking. I also love that I don’t have to get the box every month! I’ve been doing it about every other month, and it seems to be the perfect amount of time between.   This month they also included a ThredUp bag in the box.  Through ThredUp you can send in your unwanted (but still in good condition) name brand clothes and maybe get some money for them. Items that they don’t accept are donated, re-used, or recycled.  So, basically this was the perfect excuse to get rid of some clothing items in my closet and maybe get some money for them.  If I get money for them or not, they are being put to better use than just sitting in my closet wherever they go.


I also got two awesome cards in the mail.  One from Sarah, and another from Kristi and Erin with my #SelfCareSeptember prize pack! I love getting things in the mail, thanks ladies!


The biggest event this week was the Kohler Wine Experience preview lunch.  So much delicious food, and so fun to talk to all of the chefs and food loving people!



Have a great weekend!

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