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New Foods I’m Loving: Honest Ade Pomegranate Blue

Growing up, I often had juice with meals.  Cranberry juice and apple juice were my favorites.  Though I know my parents tried to get me to eat and drink the best possible, I was a picky eater (much more than I am now) and sometimes it just came down to what I would actually eat and drink.  I ate lots of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Oscar Mayer hot dogs – because I ate them and I liked them, and eating something that I liked was better than the struggle of convincing me to try something new.  On the beverage side, the juice that I drank had to be sweet.  (there is no way I would’ve even tried tart cherry juice back then.)  Of course, most juice (especially lots of those that are aimed at children) are pretty high in sugar, and often other non-essentials.


I don’t drink a lot of juice now, as an adult, but sometimes I want something besides water with my meals.  This often happens at lunch, when I am at work and need something to make my day a little more exciting.  Luckily, I work near a grocery store so I often walk over there and look for something to drink along with my lunch.  Recently, I picked up a Pomegranate Blue Honest Ade to try.  Now, I know that this isn’t maybe the absolute best choice for a fruity beverage, since it is mostly juice from concentrate, and does have some added sugar (though it is organic cane sugar), but in an effort to take the place of the juice of my childhood, this does the trick.  I was a little bit surprised how much I liked it actually, since I am not a huge blueberry fan, but it was really tasty.  And even though it does have added sugar, it isn’t super sweet.  The packaging says “just a tad sweet” and  that is pretty accurate.

Taste: A+, really tasty, only slightly sweet, and the perfect lunch companion drink.
Cost: A-, it is on the more expensive side, (I believe around $4) as far as juice goes, but considering the quality ingredients I don’t think its too bad.

Would I buy it again?  Absolutely.  I also want to try the Cranberry Lemonade, and Super Fruit Punch!

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