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Currently {IV}


wondering how 2013 has flown by so quickly!  It was a good year, but I cannot believe it is already November!!

thinking about all of the awesome people that I know that have competed in races/other events recently.  They are so inspiring to me, and definitely help get my mindset in the right place to reach my goals.

wondering when the first snowfall will be.  I know Minnesota already had some, and now that we are into November, I think I’m ready for it.  Nothing major, of course, just a coating of white to make everything look a little prettier and more festive.

trying not to let how busy I’ve been with work overwhelm me and take away from the holiday season that I love so much.

sending lots of snail mail to my friends across the country.  Never underestimate the power of a handwritten letter or small gift!


snuggling my fuzzy pets.  Apparently the cooler weather makes them magnets to my blanket on the couch.

thinking about how I turn 30 in less than a month.  Lots of mixed feelings, for sure.

watching The West Wing.  Yes, still.  And I still love it.

feeling excited about a fun party I am attending this weekend. Since I don’t have to dress up for work, I always look forward to the opportunity to get fancy!

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  1. Ahh your scarf! So cute!!

  2. I completely agree about snail mail…it seriously makes my day whenever I receive it and I love sending it (but need to do a better job of that)!

  3. Our fur babies have gotten a lot more snuggly too! Enjoy your party!

  4. Pffft to 30 worry! The only awkward thing is remembering to write a 3 instead of a 2 if you have to put your age down on something. 😉

  5. This post makes me happy in my heart!!

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