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Project Life Week 43 {October 20-26, 2013}

Week 43!

Not really any super big events this week, but some fun things.

I didn’t get a Julep box (affiliate link) this month, but I did order a mystery box that came this week.  I was a bit disappointed about the proportion of nail polish to other beauty products in the box, (there were like 2 polishes, and 4 beauty products) but I actually ended up really liking a couple of the new-to-me products that were in the box so it turned out alright.


Other random fun things this week: I had an #hls14 google hangout with Julie and Heather to start talking about things for next year, I found a new delicious drink that I like – POM Hula, and the husband and I went to see Gravity at the IMAX 3D.  It was good, but I still  think I prefer movies not in 3D.  There were definitely points where I had to look away because it was making me a bit nauseous.  Seeing the shots out outer space on that giant screen was pretty cool though.


I got my Koss headphones and t-shirts in the mail that I won from Katie Looking Forward! The sound quality of the headphones is really great – probably the best sounding earbuds that I’ve tried – but they just don’t stay in my ears!  I tried all of the three sizes and apparently my ears are just an awkward size for earbuds.  If I’m not moving around with them, they stay ok, but there is no way I could run with them.


I also finished my Volcano Cowl this week! I love that it is very cozy and lightweight.  Just what I was hoping for a cowl to transition from Fall to Winter.   The pattern wasn’t super difficult, but interesting enough that I didn’t get bored with it.  Also, it taught me that I need to practice techniques (or just pay better attention to directions) when there are things that I am not super good at in a pattern.  In this case, it was picking up in between stitches to make stitches and not paying attention to purlwise and knitwise.  It didn’t make a huge difference, but I can definitely tell where I did it correctly and where I did not.


Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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