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101 in 1001 {The End}

Approximately 1,034 days ago I made a list.  If you’ve been around that long, you may remember this as my 101 in 100 list.  The idea was that between January 11,2011 and October 13, 2013 (1001 days later) I would attempt to do as many of the 101 things on the list as possible. It has been about a month since the list has “expired,” so I thought I’d give you an update on what I accomplished, what is in the works, and what I didn’t end up doing.



1. Knit a baby sweater – this is one that I probably should’ve gotten done, but it just didn’t happen.  I am confident that I could do it, I just really, really, dislike using double pointed needles so I tend to avoid it if at all possible.  
2. Knit an adult sweater – Done 4/8/12 – Hooray for the Delancy Cartigan! I can’t say it was as difficult as I’d imagined, but it was definitely time consuming.
3. Do a 365 photo project – yeah, maybe some day.  I mean, I do take photos pretty much every day, but I can barely make it though a month without forgetting or having to post something completely random and nonsense just so I don’t miss a day.  
4. Open an Etsy Shop – So technically, I have one.  But I don’t have the time to keep up with the shop and acutally sell things, so it isn’t up and running at the moment. 
5. Make Christmas cards – like with paper, not Shutterfly – I’m currently a big fan of mixing pre-made cards with my own photos, or other embellishments. Not exactly perfect, but I think they will be at least semi-homemade this year.
6. Finish Wedding Scrapbook – Done 4/13/12  …you know, only almost 2.5 years later…
7. Sell something I made to someone I don’t know – maybe some day…
8. Learn how to crochet – this is still really high on my list.  I just need to find the time and the right person to teach me!
9. Learn how to use my sewing machine – same as the crochet.  I really want to learn how to use it properly, but I just don’t have the will to teach myself at the moment.
10. Take a photo of myself every day for a month – Not sure how I didn’t get this one done, it sounds easy enough….probably becaues I am not so good at “selfies.”
11. Learn more HTML – I still want to do this….but it just isn’t priority right now.  
12. Take a photo of Olive every month for a year, and then turn it into a calendar – I’m pretty sure I have taken a photo (or 10) of her each month.  I just need to get them together and put them into the form of a calendar.  Hmm….maybe this would be a good Christmas gift?? 
13. Take a photography class – Done 1/22/11
13a. Make a Lightbox – just not a priority anymore.  I feel like I am more likely to just buy one than to make one at this point.
14. Print photos to fill the frames we have – this one is slightly embarrassing to not have finished since it is SO easy!  To my credit, there are more filled than when the list started, but they are definitely not all full.
15. Organize my craft room – in progress 1/2013 still in progress, but getting better. My project life stuff is pretty well organized, and my yarn (though overflowing) is all in one spot, it is just other miscellaneous things that need to be taken care of.   
16. Learn how to play Guitar – yeah maybe some day.  I suppose the first step to doing this would be getting a guitar…



17. Fix up the house so it is ready to sell – in progress 8/2012 moving in the right direction at least! We did a bunch this year!
18. Sell our house – obvoiusly dependant on the previous goal, which isn’t quite completed.
19. Buy a house that has a fenced in yard – still in my dreams….some day…
20. Put up our Christmas Tree before my birthday (My birthday is 12/1) – Since this year my birthday is actually on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I doubt it will happen.  But maybe next year?
21. Cook my husband bacon – Done 10/2012 
22. Introduce the husband to my blends in real life – Done (and more to come in 2014!!)

  • He met  Ashley in Florida on our honeymoon – December 2010
  • He met Julie when she stopped in Madison during the holidays – December 2011
  • He met Sarah at her housewarming party – September 2012
  • He met Stina at The Color Run – July 2013

23. Learn to close the cap on the toothpaste – Done? – the key to winning this battle is buying the kind of toothpast that has the cap attached to the top.  Genius.
24. Keep the kitchen table completely clean for a month – It has been semi-clean for the past few weeks acutally, so maybe I’m on my way to meeting this goal!
25. Have people over to our house for dinner – Some day…
26. Plant a tree – this is funny because we actually did quite the opposite of this and had a few (dead and dying) trees taken down this year. 
27. Put up lights on the outside of the house at Christmas – I’m still hopeful this will happen this year!  No snow yet, and it hasn’t been horribly cold yet so maybe it will work out!
28. Shovel the driveway – to give myself some credit, I have helped shovel the driveway, just not done it all myself.  Now we have a snowblower (and a new driveway!) though, so it is less likely it’ll happen in the future.
29. Plan our next big vacation – in progress 5/2013 – Disney 2014, here we come! Planning is still in progress, but it is coming along!



30. Go without TV for 24 hours – what was I thinking with this?  Unless I’m camping without internet access or something I don’t see this happening any time soon.  
31. Go without internet for 24 hours – Again, unless I am camping somewhere wihout internet access, I don’t really see this happening.  I have had days with much less than my normal amount of internet though, so I suppose that is a step in the right direction.
32. Pay off Credit Card – Done 2/15/12
33. Pay off Student Loans – in progress 12/2012 – dreaded student loans….I will be so happy when they are gone!
34. Wear Makeup every day for a week – I really go in spurts with this.  I am not a huge makeup person, but I do wear it now more than I used it.  (It’s a fun thing for me, not a vanity thing.)  I am more comfortable with wearing makeup now though, and I think that is what I really wanted to get out of this goal. 
35. Attend a Madison blogger meet up – Done 1/25/12  
36. Sing Karaoke at a bar – not sure what I was thinking with this one either.  I’d rather just sing in my living room.
37. See Wicked – Done 5/30/13 – and I LOVED it and would see it many more times!!
38. Donate Blood – ugh, another one that I really don’t have an excuse not to have done. I really need to make time to do this.
39. Floss every day for a month – does it make me sound like a gross person that I couldn’t accomplish this one? I promise, I do brush my teeth, flossing just isn’t something I enjoy doing.
40. Get a bike – some day.  Just not a big priority right now. 
41. Wear a bikini in a public place – its possible this hasn’t happened yet because I just don’t like swimming all that much, not to mention the fact that there is usually about one month of warm weather in Wisconsin that would be bikini appropriate.  
42. Have a Spa Day at Sundara  – Done 1/3/2012 – and I would go back in a second.  Highly recommend for anyone wanting to get away and have some relaxation time.
43. Help plan someone else’s wedding – virtually, I suppose I have for my lovely blends that have gotten married, but not really anyone locally.
44. Watch How I Met Your Mother in order starting from the beginning – in progress 2012 – I am up to date through the current season….but I am SO ready for it to end at this point.  This season has gotten way to nonsensical and drawn out. 

  • Season one finished 3/3/2011.  Thoughts: Love Ted and Robin.  Also: Lilly don’t go!!
  • Season two finished 3/11/2011.  Thoughts: I love drunk Lilly.  Also: Even though they broke up, I still love Ted and Robin.
  • Season three finished 3/26/2011. Thoughts: I like Ted and Stella, but I don’t think she will say yes to the proposal – or at least she shouldn’t.
  • Season four finished 4/17/2011.  Thoughts: I think I like Barney and Robin more than Ted and Robin.  Although, it isn’t so believable that Barney would settle down.
  • Season five finished 8/17/2011.  Thoughts: Slapsgiving is one of my favorite things ever.  Also, I cannot wait until Lilly and Marshall have babies, they will be the cutest ever.
  • Season six finished 4/14/2012.  Thoughts: I’m not a fan of Nora….and I don’t really buy it that Barney would would settle down so quickly.  Also, I like Zoe and Ted, but once they said flat out that she isn’t the mother, I just wish they would break up already.

45. Try wearing contact lenses again – DONE 5/7/11 – though I don’t wear them every day because my eyes still don’t love them, I really do like the flexibility of having them available. 
46. Find a new dentist – DONE 7/24/11  
47. Go ice skating – how has this not happened yet??  Maybe this year the ice on the lakes will actaully freeze for an extended period of time and I will get to go.
48. Dry my hair before leaving the house every day for a month – Now that the weather is cooler (and I have shorter hair) I am hopeful that I can accomplish this.  Not only to not freeze when I go out in the cold, but my hair looks so much better when it is blow-dried!
49. Watch a movie in a theater with subtitiles – DONE 4/12/13
50. Read 5 books – I have read parts of several other books, but other things just are more important/entertaining for me I guess.  I’m just not a book person.

51. Do a “day in the life” blog post – Done 2/20/13
52. Buy a new bouquet of flowers at the farmers market every week for a month – the problem with this is that flowers don’t survive in our house because Miss Kitty thinks they are tasty. Maybe I need to invest in some quality fake flowers? Really, I’m fine with my succulents, she doesn’t seem to bother those as much.
53. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle – Just not a priority I guess, not to mention, I’m sure Miss Kitty would love batting those little pieces around all over the house and the likelihood of having all 1,000 at the end is pretty low. 
54. Buy new glasses – Done 7/25/11
55. Teach Olive a new trick – hmm…I need to work on this…Olive does like to impress people when food is involved…
56.  Learn how to play a new board/party game – Done 12/25/11
57. Go to a live taping of a TV show – This is still high on my list for sure. 


Health and Fitness

58. Run a mile – Done Spring 2013 – and many since then, hooray!
59. Participate in a charity walk/run – still want to do this!  There were many possibilities this year, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do any of them because of previous commitments. 
60. Cheer on friends running a race – done at Zooma Chicago 8/10/13 – and I will be again at WDW Marathon weekend in January! 
61. Run/Walk a race with my husband – will be done 1/2104 – WDW 10K! 
62. Practice yoga every day for a month – I REALLY need to get back in to yoga.  I need to put some money aside for that and make that a priority again.  I need some Yin yoga especially back in my life.
63. Ride my bike to work – this would involve me having a bike, which I don’t currently have.


64. Go without caffeine for a week – uh, maybe I was crazy when I wrote this?  I’ve gone an entire day, but I don’t think going an entire week is really feasible for me.
65. Bake chocolate chip cookies without a recipe – I suppose the upside to me having not finished this is that I wasn’t eating a ton of cookies in an attempt to learn?
66. Attend Foodbuzz Festival – This is still a conference that I would like to attend some day, but it is always during such a bad part of the year for me at work.  I did get to go to BlogHer this year, and that is a pretty big deal as well!
67. Eat Vegetarian for a month – I could probably do this if I really wanted to since I don’t really eat all that much meat…but food is a bit of a stressor for me as it is, and I think restricting myself would just make that worse.
68. Don’t eat out for a month – I probably could do this – and I’m better about eating out that I used to be – but sometimes I just need the treat of not having to make something for dinner.
69. Don’t eat out at the same place more than once in a month – I think we’ve successfully done this (Though it might be questionable with how much I love Noodles and Co…) but since we go out less, we tend to get more creative when we do go out.
70. Go to a wine tasting at a local winery – I just really need to make the time to do this.  There are an abundance of wineries in the area, I just need to go!
71. Join a CSA – As much as I would’ve loved to do this, I feel like too much of the food would get wasted since I’m picky about things. So it is probably for the better that this one didn’t get checked off.
72. Tour the New Glarus Brewery – no excuse for this one either.  Serendipity is one of my favorite malt beverages, and I would love to go see where/how it is made.  I just need to find the time!
73. Eat only locally grown/made food for a day – I still really want to do this, since Madison has so much great local food!
74. Go strawberry picking – Maybe 2014 will have a stellar strawberry season and I will have a larger window of time to go! 
75. Make and decorate gingerbread men from scratch – this is on my list to make for the holidays this year!!
76. Make pizza dough from scratch – I’m still kind of scared of baking with yeast…but I also really love homemade pizza, so maybe some day I will overcome that fear!
77. Bake something using flax eggs – Done: 3/10/11 – and I love using them in baked goods!
78. Find 5 new “favorite meals” – In Progress 
79. Eat something other than a bagel for breakfast for two weeks – breakfast is still the one meal that I just am not good about being creative with.  I guess I just haven’t found anything else that keeps me full enough – and more importantly, that I love – to throw in to the mix.
80. Take dinner leftovers to work for lunch for a week – I haven’t taken them for a whole week, but I have gotten better about not wasting leftovers when we make meals at home.  Chili, enchiladas, and macaroni and cheese are my favorite leftovers to take for lunch.
81. Make a meal plan for a week and stick to it! – As much as I’m a planner, I just can’t seem to get into meal planning.  As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I do try to get things from the grocery store that make full meals though, rather than just getting whatever random snacks and things.
82. Plant a vegetable garden – Our yard would need quite a bit of work to actually grow vegetables, and that just isn’t time I’m willing to put in since we are considering putting the house up for sale in the near future.
83. Make Apple Butter – still on my list.  I know it isn’t difficult, I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten around to doing this yet!
84. Take a cooking class – again, something I just need to make time to do.
85. Eat at an Indian restaurant – …I think I still need some convincing on this one…
86. Host a cookie exchange – hey Madison area bloggers!  Who wants to have a cookie exchange this year?! Shoot me an email if you’re interested!



87. Leave a 100% tip – Done 12/2012
88. Leave an Operation Beautiful note somewhere every day for a month – Done 3/1/12 – I need to get better at leaving these on a regular basis again…
89. Donate at least two bags of clothes to Goodwill – Done 10/12/11 – …and there are many more things in the process of being packed and donated!

  • 4/16/11 – 1 bag donated to get free admission to the Isthmus Green Day Expo!
  • 10/12/11 – 1 bag of shoes donated to the Junior League
  • 1/8/12 – 5 bags of clothes/shoes donated to Goodwill

90. Volunteer 100 hours of my time – …so I was on track but didn’t make this goal because I had to step down from my newsletter editor volunteer position, but hopefully I will make it up in the coming year!

  • 2011 volunteer activity:
    Northside Farmers Market Newsletter Editor – approx. 35 hours
  • 2012 volunteer activity:
    Photographed Emerson Science Night – 2 hours
  • 2013 volunteer activity:
    Photographed Emerson Science Night – 2 hours


91. Visit the MoMA in NYC – every year I get to go to NYC for work, so hope isn’t lost on this yet!
92. Get a passport – Done 3/28/12
93. Meet Murphy the Pug – Done 8/17/12
94. Stand outside of the Today Show – again, I will be in NYC again next year, so its just a matter of getting up and going!
95. Visit Canada – at least I have a passport now, I’m getting there!
96. Go on vacation to somewhere I haven’t been – nothing planned for this year…but hopefully soon!
97. Ice skate in the  rink at Rockefeller Center – yep, another NYC thing. There is still hope!
98. See a performance at Millennium Park in Chicago – I’m bummed because there were things I would’ve gone to this year if I was in town.  I need to look at the schedule for next summer ASAP!
99. Take a trip on a plane without checking any bags – I am such an over packer.  I just don’t know that this is possible!
100. Visit the Guggenheim Museum in NYC – another NYC goal.  Maybe in 2014?
101.Visit the San Diego Zoo – Some day we will make it to San Diego, it is still high on my list!


So, overall I would say I did an ok job…but not spectacular.  I think this just goes to show how much people and goals can change in 1001 days!  Some of those that I didn’t complete I will continue to work towards, others will probably be off the list.  Or at least, not on the top 1001 of the list anymore.

I feel like I need to replace this with something else, since it was its own tab by my header, but I’m not sure what.  Any ideas?  I thought about doing a 30 while 30 type of thing, maybe?

Anyone else working on a 101 in 1001 list??

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  1. I’m so excited to find new blogs, especially in the Fall. My cousin told me about yours and also one called “Cooking With Mr. C.” which is on Facebook and is also a blog. I just “Liked” his page and came directly to your site. I’m so excited. My kids love when I find new blogs. Thank you. Corinne

  2. Ironic that you write that the weather hasn’t been too cold yet and then this post is published today. It’s supposed to get down to 16* tonight. 🙁

  3. Wow, that’s a huge list! Congrats on getting done what you got done.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, Dan and I have been married 3 1/2 years, and I’m nowhere NEAR done with the wedding scrapbook. I think I’m going to switch to using Project Life pages for it to speed things up!

    I kind of stopped tracking my 101 in 1001 at some point…I was just realizing that my goals changed so much, and it seemed silly to pursue something that I used to want to do, but don’t anymore, you know? Kudos for you to recapping it all!

    • I wish I would’ve known about Project Life when I was doing it, that would have been SO much easier and quicker!

      I hear ya on the 101 in 1001. There are some things on the list that I want to do, but there are some other things that I feel like I was done with like a month into the project.

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