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Twosday {Wintery}

Things I did on my birthday: 
1) We got a Christmas tree! The earliest ever, I think.  And apparently not getting a tree the week before Christmas means that you can get a pretty awesome tree, instead of just settling for whatever is left.  I’m pretty sure our tree this year is the best one yet.
2) Set up my new printer! (Does it mean that I’m an adult when I get excited about new printers?!) Ok, really it was my husband who actually set it up, but I’m pretty pumped about it.  I haven’t had a new printer in many years, so I’m pretty excited about being able to easily print things for Project Life with a functional printer again!


Two of my favorite Christmas tree ornaments:
(I feel like I need to preface this with the fact that our tree is FILLED with ornaments. And I love them all. These are just a couple of my current favorites.)
1) A Rent ornament that I got when the tour was in town a few years ago.
2) Glittery 2012 Chicago skyline  globe ornament that I got at Macy’s in Chicago when we were down last year during the holidays.


Two recipes that I think would make a wonderful addition of a holiday menu:
Last week I attended the launch party for the most recent Grate.Pair.Share magazine launch.  The spread of food was pretty awesome, and gave me lots of ideas for what to bring to holiday gatherings.  The magazine is free online – http://issuu.com/wisconsincheese/docs/gratepairshare_winter14/61?e=6680808/5711839 – and I highly suggest you check it out for some awesome ideas, and check out the older issues too!
1) Creamy Chocolate Tart with Parmesan Walnut Crust. (pictured above) I tried this one at the party and it was SO GOOD.  I know that parmesan walnut crust seems a bit odd, but it was really crispy and delicious.
2) Peppermint Brownie Trifles with Whipped Mascarpone.  These were not at the event, but they sound pretty amazing. Brownie and peppermint together is pretty much my ideal holiday dessert.

Two new Christmas songs that I’m loving:
1) What Child is This by Wedding Day Rain.  Their whole Christmas EP is so good, definitely check it out!
2) Winter Dream (Brandon’s Song) by Kelly Clarkson.  I’m a big fan of hers, and am pretty excited that she came out with a Christmas album this year!


Holiday manicures I’ve done recently:
1) Red (OPI Innie Minnie Mightie Bow) with red sparkle (Sephora by OPI Merry Me)  and gold (Spa Ritual Copper Shimmer) highlight nails. (above photo)
2) Gold with green/gold/red sparkle (Sephora by OPI Good Tidings We Bling) bling finger.

 Things that I love about Winter weather:
1) Snow makes everything look pretty.
2) It truly does not feel like December until I’m bundled up going anywhere out of the house and watching snow fall outside.

Things I don’t love about Winter weather:
1) Snow makes for slippery roads which are not fun to drive on.  Personally I don’t hate driving in the snow, but I do hate that other people don’t drive smart on slippery roads which makes it more dangerous for everyone.
2) The cold.  If it could only get down to only like 40 degrees and still be pretty and snowy, that would be awesome.  Unfortunately I live in Wisconsin, and temperatures that warm in Winter are often unheard of.

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  1. Yay for Christmas trees! I hear ya on the snow. I’m a confident snow driver having grown up in New England all my life, but it’s the other people I worry about!

  2. I like the Chicago ornament!
    I’m hoping for a lot of snow this month so I can go X-Country skiing!

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