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Restaurant Review: Jiko

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I am not being compensated for this post. As always, the opinions are completely my own.

The last dinner of the trip was by far the fanciest, and the most delicious.  We had heard great things about Jiko, and it had been on our list for a while.  One of the things that made it hard for us to commit to going there (aside from the fact that it is one of the more expensive restaurants) was that it is located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  One might say that we were a bit spoiled by staying at a hotel right on the monorail, but getting to this restaurant took a bit more work.  Rather than just taking the monorail around the corner to the Magic Kingdom, we had to go to the Magic Kingdom and then wait for a bus to take us to the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I know that doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but compared to the monorail that runs constantly (we never waited more than 5 minutes) the busses are much less reliable.  Anyways, we got over the fact that we would have to wait a bit and decided to make a reservation anyways.


To start, we got bread.  Actually, two different kinds of bread.  One was more of a grainy flax seed bread, and the other was a sweeter honey bread.  I think the honey bread was my favorite bread of the trip, I had to stop myself from eating too much so I didn’t ruin my meal.  It was soft, warm, and a little sweet, but not too much.


For my entree I got the maize crusted monkfish which came with vegetables and a tomato butter sauce.  It was delicious.  My favorite meal that I had the whole trip.  The crust on the fish was light, but still added a little bit of crunch, and the sauce was amazing….it had almost a tomato soup kind of taste.  So good.


The husband got the oak-grilled fillet mignon which he really enjoyed as well.


Overall the meal was really good, and the atmosphere was nice too.   It was a fancy place, but not so much that we felt like we had to dress super fancy.  The nicer, more adult, atmosphere was a nice change of pace from eating at more kid-centered places the rest of the trip.

Taste: A+, really delicious, definitely my favorite meal of the trip.
Cost: A, it is a more expensive restaurant, but considering the quality of the food, and the atmosphere, I think it was pretty much worth the price.

Would I go there again? Yeah, I think so.  The food was really delicious, and there were actually other things on the menu that I would like to try.

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6 Responses

  1. We went to Jiko last week and absolutely loved it! I had the sampler of breads and dips for an appetizer and the short ribs for my entree and they were both amazing. And the cookies that they give you with the check were so yum!

    • Oooh, we didn’t get any cookies with the check! Now I feel like I missed out on something else delicious!

      Also, we were definitely contemplating having the sampler of breads and dips, but we didn’t want to ruin our appetite for our dinners. Everything there looked delicious!

  2. I know we talked about it, but this is hands down our favorite restaurant on property! I could eat there weekly (however, I eat there on the cheap haha)

    • Yes! Our conversation made me wish I could go back and get that macaroni and cheese that you were raving about!!

  3. My favorite meal ever was at Jiko when I was at Walt Disney World in 2007. Nothing has topped it yet! By far my favorite restaurant out of every Disney restaurant I’ve eaten at (Florida & California).

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