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Twosday {Recently 4}

Lucky and thankful that
1) I made it to New York on the last flight in before the big snow storm.
2) I have such good friends here that just hanging out at their house is as fun as making lots of plans to go out and do things.

Missing on Valentine’s Day (for the past several years, I am always out of town for work, so we don’t really celebrate, but it is still kind of sad to be away)
1) The husband
2) The pets.


Some of my favorite food and drink from the weekend
1) SanGrita from Bombers.  Half Sangria, half frozen raspberry margarita.  The best drink I’ve had in a long time.
2) Chicken Ranch Pizza and a side salad from  Demarco’s Route 5 Pizza.

Time was spent being snowed in at THS HQ 
1) Discussing all things blogging
2) Watching various television shows on Netflix and YouTube

Nail Polishes that are currently on my fingers
1) Julep Tina with a
2) Julep Love accent nail

Reasons that I love my job
1) I get to travel fun places and look at Toys.
2) I got to meet Grumpy Cat!! (and other fun celebrities I’ve met over the years.)



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  1. The sangrita and the chicken ranch pizza both sound amazing!!

  2. Your job sounds really cool! I’d love to meet grump cat, cute little kitty! 🙂

  3. You met Grumpy Cat?? So jealous!!

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