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Things I’m Loving {March 2014}

This post is inspired by Jessica over at How Sweet It Is. Every so often she posts about her favorite things. Day to day, she blogs mainly about (delicious) food and recipes, but these posts often include many other categories of things – music, places, makeup, etc.  I love that she mixes it up every once in a while and puts together these posts, so I thought I would give it a try too. I’m hoping to continue to do them monthly, but we will see where it goes.

Please note:  I know very little about fashion and beauty, and by no means call myself an expert on any of these topics, especially in the fashion and makeup realm.  These are just some of my favorites that I wanted to blog about them to spread the love.



Nail Polish – Colorful, fun, spring colors.  I’m loving Julep Nellie, Sylvia, Robin, and Lynn.  (Those photos don’t really do the colors justice, most of them are a lot brighter and bolder than they seem.)

Make Up – Sparkle.  No matter how dreary these “Spring” days are, a little sparkle on my face always makes me feel a little brighter.  Currently loving the Ammo Palette from Urban Decay, Mica Beauty Shimmer Powder in Bronze, e.l.f liquid eyeliner in Stardust and Copper, and Stila All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten.

Clothing – I bought these Matisse Bobbie Boots on sale from a local store a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE them. I’m currently wearing them a lot with skinny jeans and maxi skirts (with leggings underneath because it is still not Spring weather!)  I cannot wait to wear them with tights and/or leggings once the weather gets warmer!

Food – Tofu Stir Fry.  Ever since I was sent some Nasoya tofu to try last month, my stir fry dinner routine is back! We’ve been having stir fry at least once a week since then, and I’ve tried a new recipe that I’ll be sharing about soon!

Beverage – Right now I’m loving fruit smoothie kind of beverages, in particular the Bolthouse Farms Multi-V Goodness, Odwalla Red Rhapsody, and Naked Red Machine.

Music – Watching Frozen made me remember how much I love Disney and Broadway music, so I’ve been re-listening to some of my favorites.  Mulan, Les Miserables, Wicked, Frozen, etc.

TV – Parks and Recreation.  One of my favorite shows currently on television, and it is also one of my favorite shows to re-watch over and over again.  Every character is my favorite character, and there are hilarious quotes and sayings and scenes in every episode.  I love it.

Movie – Frozen!  Yep, I finally saw it.  I loved the story, characters, and music.  I didn’t buy that Idina Menzel was Elsa, I think because of the blonde hair, but other than that it was very enjoyable.

Mindless Entertainment – QuizUp! Trivia about everything and anything you could imagine. I had been playing this occasionally on the husband’s iPad, but it is finally available for Android so its now on my phone!  My particular favorite categories currently are anything celebrity/pop culture related, or Disney/Pixar related.

What are YOU Loving these days?

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  1. Do you have Songza on your phone, by chance? I have it on my tablet, and we use it as a radio a lot in our house. Anyway, I discovered a great station the other day, when I was trying to find something for the girls: songs from animated movies! It was perfect. I totally took a trip down memory lane with songs from Pocahontas and Mulan. <3

    • I don’t have Songza but I’ve heard good things! I’m currently using Google Play radio since its built in to my phone. But yes, those classic Disney songs definitely bring me back!

  2. Thanks for letting me know that QuizUp is on Android now! I immediately downloaded it, even though I’m not really sure if I’m playing right. Everyone’s been talking about it so much, I’m glad to be in the loop!

  3. I’ve watched Parks and Rec on Netflix probably 3 times. haha “every character is my favorite character” I totally get it!

    • Yes! Do you have a favorite episode? (There are lots of awesome ones obviously) Some favorites of mine are: Pawnee Harvest Festival, the one when Leslie (and everyone) gets the flu, and of course Ben and Leslie’s wedding.

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