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#100HappyDays {Day 1}

At the beginning of every month, I’m always tempted to start one of those photo-a-day challenges that are always floating around.  But, as much as I do love taking photos (even if I sometimes need some extra prompts to take them) I almost always end up already behind (and inevitably quitting) after a couple of weeks.  So I decided to start something a little different – #100HappyDays.  It is a similar one-photo-a-day idea, but instead of following a certain set of prompts you just simply post something that is making you happy.  I’ve seen a few people doing this on Instagram, including OperaWife who was the one who made the suggestion I do this format instead of the typical month full of prompts.

So, for the next 100 days, I’m going to be posting things on my Instagram and Twitter.  I’ll also do a quick recap of them each week on Wednesdays, kind of Wordless Wednesday fashion. Some photos might need some description, but I’m going to keep it as photo focused as I can.

I just started yesterday, so I only have one photo to show you this week.


Hopefully this little project will help me fill my Project Life pages, too!

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