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Twosday {April}

Not-so-good things recently watched on Netflix:
1) Jobs.  Yep, that one that stars Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs.  I didn’t go into it with high expectations, but it still wasn’t a good movie.  In fact, I might say that it was even a little bit boring?  Even as a pretty hardcore Apple product lover, I can’t recommend watching this.
2) Speaking of Ashton Kutcher….I recently found this list of the 11 best musical episodes of non-musical shows , and watched a bunch of them. That 70’s Show was on the list.  I watched this show while it was on, but didn’t remember the episode, so I decided to find it on Netflix and watch it.  I haven’t watched ALL of the episodes on that list…but that one was by far the worst that I’ve seen so far.  Bad singing, bad dancing, just bad.


New beverages I’ve tried:
1) Pineapple Cucumber Raaw Juice.  While I didn’t totally dislike this flavor, it was a lot more cucumber and a lot less pineapple than I had imagined.  I was very summery tasting, but a little too bitter for me.
2) Honest Tea Peach White Tea.  I’m not usually a fan of iced tea as it is, and this confirmed it.  Too much tea, not enough peach, for me at least.

Television shows I recently started DVRing:
1) @midnight.  I watched a few episodes while at Heather’s in February and we finally started to record them and watch them semi-regularly.  It is such a fun, mindless, entertaining, show.  Perfect for the end of an evening, or watching while doing chores.
2) Silicon Valley.  This is a new series on HBO that just premiered last week.   As you can imagine by the name, it is about a bunch of nerd people living and trying to make it big in Silicon Valley.  The first episode didn’t blow me away, but it was definitely funny and entertaining so I think we will continue to watch it.

Television shows that I’ve watched all previous seasons on Netflix and now am trying to find a way to catch up with the current season so that I can avoid spoilers:
1) Scandal
2) Grey’s Anatomy
(Its safe to say, I am a big Shonda Rhimes fan.  The cliffhangers and drama that can turn a so-so season into amazing is pretty impressive. )


 New games I played recently:
1) Timeline:Diversity.  This game is an easy concept, but the actual game is not so easy! Putting inventions and events and things in chronological order is apparently not my strong suit.
2) Chef Cuckoo.  This isn’t so much an adult-minded game, but it is easy to learn and pretty entertaining.

Way the weather is finally acting like Spring:
1) Rain.  I know we are not 100% out of the woods yet for wintery precipitation, but I’ll take the rain over the snow any day.
2) Sunshine.  Even if it is only in the 50’s, sunshine makes all the difference.

Recipes I’ve made recently:
1) Pineapple, Tofu, and Vegetable Stir Fry.
2) Pineapple Cashew Fried Rice from How Sweet It Is. Full blog post to come, but in short:  it was delicious.  Also, I’m a big fan of pineapple in stir fry dishes.

Twosday is inspired by Heather


6 Responses

  1. Shonda Rhimes needs to have a different tv show on every day of the week. I love her stuff (even if it can be a bit over the top).

  2. I’ll have to check out those musical TV shows. I think the only one I ever saw (some of) was Scrubs.

    • Yes, definitely do! Scrubs is one of the better ones on the list for sure though, so don’t go into it with too high of expectations 🙂

  3. remember when i texted you about tofu photos this weekend.
    i just read this post of yours and saw your list of recipes made recently and had to LOL >> wait until you see which two recipes are back to back listed on my post this coming Thursday 😀 ha!

    • Hahaha. Also hilarious is that my review for the Pineapple Cashew Fried rice is going up Thursday, too! 🙂

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