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Restaurant Review: Dayton Street Grille

Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money and am not being compensated for this post in any way.  All of the opinions are my own.

We spent last weekend downtown.  It was the husband’s birthday so we decided to just take a little mini vacation  – even if we didn’t go very far.  We didn’t get to the hotel until around 6pm Friday night, and since we didn’t know ahead of time exactly when we would get there, we didn’t make any dinner reservations.  So, we wandered up and down State Street for a while looking for somewhere to eat until I couldn’t take it anymore and needed food ASAP.  We tried a few places, but the waits were too long for my stomach to handle.  We ended up going to the Dayton Street Grille, since by the time we got there (about 7:30pm) there were no lines.  In fact, the place was kind of empty – which was surprising because they were packed full when we walked by a couple of hours earlier.

Because I was so hungry, we decided to start the meal with the Artisanal Cheese Board.  You can’t really ever go wrong with cheese – especially in Wisconsin.  The spread was good, three difference cheeses, crostini, and some jam.  It wasn’t anything particularly fancy but it did the trick.


Oh, and we also got bread with the meal.  Some kind of crispy rye cracker, and a softer sourdough type.  It was really delicious.  It is pretty hard for bread to do wrong in my books though!


For his meal, the husband got the DSG burger with sweet potato fries.  He said it was good, but not anything particularly amazing.


For my meal, I got the seared scallops and crab cakes. Perfectly cooked scallops are one of my favorite foods, and these were well done. The crab cakes weren’t my favorite, but I think I prefer a little more crisp on the outside and a little less crab on the inside – I’m not sure that is how crab cakes usually are or not.


Overall the meal was good, but it was a little odd that they were so empty when everywhere else was so packed full. Also, I’ve heard great things about their salad bar, but it didn’t appear to be open when we were there.  Maybe we got there too late?

Taste: A-, not awesome but pretty good quality food.
Cost: A-, it seemed like it was a bit overpriced, but not too bad considering the use of seasonal and local items.

Would I go there again?  I’m not sure.  It wouldn’t be my first choice to eat downtown, but the variety and quality of food is pretty good.

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  1. I love scallops and crab cakes! I think “traditional maryland” crab cakes mean that it’s all meat. I prefer some flavor and fillings, like peppers, onions, etc in my crab cakes. But to each their own!

    • These were definitely more on the crab meat filled cakes end. Not bad, but just not my style.

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