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Product Review: Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt

Full Disclosure: I received this product for free, but am not being otherwise compensated for this post.  All of the opinions are completely my own.

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by the nice people at Yasso to try some of their new frozen Greek yogurt flavors.  It was still definitely Winter in Wisconsin at this point, so I was a bit hesitant, but I accepted the offer.  Luckily the person from their PR firm that had contacted me totally felt my pain since they were in Boston, and said it was totally fine to wait a bit until it warmed up.  The new flavors didn’t actually hit the shelves here until the beginning of April, so I had a bit of time for the weather to warm up.

Unfortunately I live in Wisconsin, where the weather in what is technically “Spring” isn’t necessarily all that Spring like.  While there were some beautiful, sunny, 70 degree days in April, there were also many chillier days that were more meant for drinking hot chocolate than eating ice cream.


Eventually I just gave in.  I wasn’t going to wait until July to try this new and delicious treat, so I might as well do it on a random rainy and cold Monday.  I chose the Chocolate Fudge flavor because they remind me of the classic fudgesicle that I loved as a kid.


The flavor wasn’t an exact match (though, I also haven’t actually had a fudgesicle in a while) but it was tasty!  They aren’t super sweet, but that isn’t such a bad thing.  I also really felt like it filled me up and kept me full – hooray for 7 grams of protein!  They are definitely not a decadent dessert, but they are a tasty chocolate treat – especially for warm summer days.

Taste: A, tasty, chocolate, and reasonably healthy.
Cost: A, I don’t remember exactly how much it was at the grocery store, but I don’t remember it being any more expensive than most of the other popsicle type items.

Would I eat it again?  Absolutely.  They would be especially delicious on a warm summer afternoon.

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