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Things I’m Loving {May 2014}

This post is inspired by Jessica over at How Sweet It Is. Every so often she posts about her favorite things. Day to day, she blogs mainly about (delicious) food and recipes, but these posts often include many other categories of things – music, places, makeup, etc.  I love that she mixes it up every once in a while and puts together these posts, so I thought I would give it a try too. I’m hoping to continue to do them monthly, but we will see where it goes.

Please note:  I know very little about fashion and beauty, and by no means call myself an expert on any of these topics, especially in the fashion and makeup realm.  These are just some of my favorites that I wanted to blog about them to spread the love.



Nail Polish Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Pool Boy.  I got this polish in my May PopSugar Must Have Box and not only do I LOVE the color, but it is also very durable.  I normally put on polish on the weekend, and then by mid-week it is in need of a change.  I put this polish on on a Sunday and at the end of the work week it was still in good shape! There is nothing more frustrating than putting on a polish and having to re-do it two days later, so this is a definite win.

Make Up – (Malin+Goetz) detox face mask. I got this in my January PopSugar Must Have Box and have been using it a lot recently.  Especially with the warmer weather, it feels nice to have a cold, airy, mask on my face at the end of the day.

Clothing – Sandals! Finally! It wasn’t really warm enough for them until the past couple of weeks, but I am so happy to have them back in my life.  I mean, I love boots too, but open toe shoes are just so much more airy and comfortable.  I have several pair, but my favorites for everyday are the Birkenstock Gizeh which I have in a couple of different colors.

Food – Fresh fruit and veggies.  Its that time of year! It finally feels like Spring here, and we’ve got the produce to prove it.  Asparagus in particular has been really great, and everything is just so green and lush right now, I love it.  In another life I’d have a garden in my yard to pick fresh veggies from, but that is a bit more work than I’m willing to put in with our current yard.  Luckily there are lots of great grocery stores around here that have fresh, local, produce!

Beverage – Coconut water.  It is that time of year again! I’m not great about keeping hydrated (especially when it is warmer outside) so coconut water is a staple in my life during the warmer months to change up my beverage and get some extra hydration from the coconut.  I’m kind of picky about my coconut water actually (I’m sure you are not surprised) but my favorite is Vita Coco Pineapple, with their new Lemonade a close second! I also want to try their kids flavors – particularly the Paradise Punch – but I’ve only seen them in large packs which would be a big waste if I didn’t like them.

Music – Glee! The last couple of episodes they really killed it on the song choices so I’ve been listening to those a lot recently. Some favorites are: All of Me, Glitter in the Air, Pompeii, Doo Wop (That Thing) and Story of My Life.  The original versions of some of those were already favorites, some were definitely not, I love when they mix it up and show me new favorites..or just remind me how awesome Lauryn Hill is.

TV Portlandia.  I have watched this show on and off in the past but never really got into it.  In the past month I’ve watched all of the seasons on Netflix and really enjoyed it!  I actually think I like the later seasons better, but maybe it is because the characters are just more developed and interesting?  It is definitely a quirky kind of funny but it is entertaining for sure.

Movie – I haven’t seen anything new in a while, but I’m enjoying re-watching some of my comedy favorites that have been on TV recently.  The one I watched most recently was Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was just as funny – if not more so – re-watching it several years later. The cast is so great and there are random hilarious things in just about every scene. I definitely recommend it if you haven’t seen it!

Mindless Entertainment – Instagrams of dogs.  Recently Tina recommended following jermzlee who is a photographer and happens to take lots of adorable and creative photos of his pug. I also really love following other lovely pugs Hamilton, and Tinsley.  And last (but certainly not least) I love following the adorable Clark the Frenchie.  Lots of dogs in my Instagram feed always makes for a good day!

What are YOU Loving these days?

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  1. Do the Birkenstock Gizeh’s wear in well? I was going to buy a pair for my trip to NYC a couple of weeks ago, but they were SO stiff that I was nervous about them.

    • You do definitely have to wear them in a bit but once you do they are SUPER comfy. Probably a good choice not to get them before walking around NYC, there would definitely have been blisters.

  2. Omg- Lauryn Hill. I probably haven’t listened to her since high school, but the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was definitely part the soundtrack of my youth. Haha. I got a Malin and Goetz lip gloss from Ipsy (maybe) and I love it! Did you get that too?

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