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Restaurant Review: Hard Rock Cafe Phoenix

Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money and am not being compensated in any way for this post.  The opinions are completely my own.

For my second meal in Phoenix, I decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe.  I know this is a chain, but not one that I get to very often since there isn’t one in Madison, so I give it an exception.  I also collect the Hard Rock Cafe pins, so getting one from a new city that I am visiting is always fun.

For my dinner, I started with a strawberry basil lemonade.  It was delicious and refreshing after being out in the hot Arizona heat.


For my meal, I had the chicken fajitas.  The chicken was flavorful and tasty.  Fajita flavored but not spicy, which is how I prefer it.  The tortillas though (which you can’t see in the photo because they are in the paper bag) were either stale or had been sitting for a long time, or something.  The middles were soft and how I would expect a tortilla, but the edges were crispy and almost as crunchy as tortilla chips.  Not ideal for tortillas that you are filling and rolling into fajitas.


Overall the issue with the tortillas made the meal hard to enjoy, but  overall I guess it wasn’t all that bad. The strawberry basil lemonade was definitely my favorite part.

Taste: B+, some parts were great, other parts not so great.
Cost: A-, I don’t remember exactly how much it was but I don’t remember it being too unreasonable.

Would I go there again? I don’t think I would go there again for dinner, but maybe for drinks.

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