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Things I’m Loving {June 2014}

This post is inspired by Jessica over at How Sweet It Is. Every so often she posts about her favorite things. Day to day, she blogs mainly about (delicious) food and recipes, but these posts often include many other categories of things – music, places, makeup, etc.  I love that she mixes it up every once in a while and puts together these posts, so I thought I would give it a try too. I’m hoping to continue to do them monthly, but we will see where it goes.
Please note:  I know very little about fashion and beauty, and by no means call myself an expert on any of these topics, especially in the fashion and makeup realm.  These are just some of my favorites that I wanted to blog about them to spread the love.



Nail Polish – My collection of nail polishes is a little out of control right now, so I’m trying to use colors that I have and love instead of seeking out trendy new ones.  Right now I’m a big fan of solid, bright, Summery polishes like Julep Drew, Bette, and Sylvia.

Make Up – I still love my Urban Decay Ammo palette, but recently I’ve also also been using the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette that I got in my April PopSugar Must Have (referral link) box!  You know I love sparkle, but I also love the more matte natural look that this palette offers for a different, more everyday, look.

Clothing – Light layers.  Yes, this seems counterintuitive for Summer, but as the weather gets warmer outside, my workplace seems to get colder with the air conditioning.  The only way for me to be comfortable outside, and in the office, is to bring a light cardigan to wear while working so I don’t freeze.

Food – Still loving the fresh fruits and veggies.  I heard that strawberries are available to pick a few places in Madison, and I also saw that raspberries will be available some places soon, too! The weather has been particularly warm recently, so eating fresh fruits and veggies eliminates the need (at least some of the time) for using the oven or stove which would make the house even warmer.

Beverage – Strawberry lemonade. I had it while in Phoenix, and I had it again last weekend.  So refreshing and Summery – especially when you use fresh strawberries! This Frozen Strawberry Limeade from Layers of Happiness is also on my to-make list!

Music – Not much new on the music front this month. Still loving a little bit of everything. Glee covers, musicals, fun Pop songs, and some random 90’s music.

TV – Masterchef.  This is one of my favorite Summer shows – and one of the only reality-type shows that the husband and I watch together.  Though I don’t always agree with who gets sent home, the challenges (especially the mystery boxes) and pretty entertaining.  I don’t know that I have an absolute favorite yet this season, but I do definitely have a few that I am ready to see leave.

Movie – The Lego Movie!  I finally saw it, and it definitely lived up to the hype.  It is such a fun movie and is definitely one that all ages can enjoy. #everythingisawesome

Mindless Entertainment – Watching old episodes of Boy Meets World on MTV2.  I’m not sure when MTV decided to start airing old television shows, but several times a day there are a few Boy Meets World episodes on in a row.  Its fun to watch them again and remember the plot lines. (no, I haven’t watched the first episode of Girl Meets World yet.  I do plan on watching it at some point even though I have not heard great things.)

What are YOU Loving these days?

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Kelly!! I agree strawberry lemonades/limeades are so so refreshing!! 🙂

  2. The Urban Decay Ammo palette is one of my favorites.I actually bought an extra when it was on super sale.Mildew is such a great shade to use with brighter liners.

    Master Chef this season seems to have added drama editing. It would be so less snippy at times without some of the shots.

    • My cousin got me the Urban Decay Ammo palette for Christmas last year and she said it was one of her favorites too! I guess I have a lot of friends that are Urban Decay fans. 🙂

      Yeah the episodes the past couple of weeks I feel like have been better. But I definitely feel like they have edited it so there are people that we are supposed to like or dislike.

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