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Things I’m Loving {July 2014}

This post is inspired by Jessica over at How Sweet It Is. Every so often she posts about her favorite things. Day to day, she blogs mainly about (delicious) food and recipes, but these posts often include many other categories of things – music, places, makeup, etc.  I love that she mixes it up every once in a while and puts together these posts, so I thought I would give it a try too. I’m hoping to continue to do them monthly, but we will see where it goes.
Please note:  I know very little about fashion and beauty, and by no means call myself an expert on any of these topics, especially in the fashion and makeup realm.  These are just some of my favorites that I wanted to blog about them to spread the love.



Nail Polish – Still loving the bright colors for Summer! Current favorites are Julep Vicki and Lissa. I also recently picked up some Sally Hansen Color Foil nail polish that was on clearance that I am eager to try.

Make Up – I’ll be honest, I haven’t been wearing makeup much this month.  We’ve had some super hot and humid days, and things have just been generally busy, so I haven’t had the need or desire for makeup.  And I’m fine with that.

Clothing – I know I mentioned it last month too, but it is challenging to dress for office temperature and outside temperature.  Especially when we had a few days that were in the 80’s and 90’s the past couple of weeks.  It seems like the hotter it is outside the cooler it is inside.  There has been lots of layering and leaving sweaters at work so that I won’t overheat in my car but I also won’t freeze while I’m there.

Food – I have a new favorite at Noodles and Company. Well, really it isn’t new since it has always been in my rotation, I just hadn’t had it in a while until recently.  I am loving the Pad Thai with tofu.  I actually really like that though Noodles does have a wide variety of menu items that are inspired by various cuisines, they aren’t trying to be exactly like that original cuisine.  Yes, the first time that I had Pad Thai at Noodles (after falling in love with it at Thai restaurants in college) it was a bit of  a disappointment because it isn’t quite the same, but now its grown on me and  I love it for what it is.

Beverage – Nothing new, but coconut water is my hot weather love.  I alternate between the Vita Coco Pineapple and Lemonade.  I am not great at keeping hydrated all of the time so drinking coconut water really helps me to stay on top of that.  Not only is it super hydrating, but it is much tastier than drinking boring old water all of the time. I do now have two different “flavor infuser” type water bottles that I’ve gotten in a couple of monthly boxes recently.  I have yet to use them, but I am excited for more delicious water! Anyone else have one of these? What type of fruit (or other things) do you put in it?

Music – Anyone else thing that the Frozen soundtrack is kind of relaxing to listen to in the middle of Summer?  Particularly Olaf’s song (In Summer) is a good one to remind me that it will get colder so I should savor the Summer heat while it is here.  Somehow just thinking about snow and ice and cold makes me feel not as hot on warm Summer days.

TV Cutthroat Kitchen.  I think I’m late to the game on this one since they are currently on season 4, but it is pretty darn entertaining. I love Alton Brown, and while the contestants are generally a bit over the top, it makes for an entertaining show.  I recently watched an old episode where they had frequent judges (professional chefs and culinary people) compete and that is one of my favorites.

Movie – I don’t think there was anything new that I was super excited about this month, but I did just re-watch the first two Hunger Games movies.  I remember liking them a lot when I first saw them but then I kind of forgot how good they are. After watching them again I’m now pretty pumped for the next one coming out this Fall.

Mindless Entertainment – Bookworm!  I recently downloaded it on the husband’s iPad and it has become part of my nightly routine.  I used to love playing it online on my computer back in the day, and I love it just as much now.  Although, it does have to do with creatively making words so I wouldn’t call it completely mindless.

What are YOU Loving these days?

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