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Taste of Madison 2014

Last weekend the husband and I headed downtown for the Taste of Madison.  If you aren’t familiar, Taste of Madison is an annual event held in downtown Madison where restaurants line the Capital square and showcase their food.  Each item costs between $1 and $4 for a small portion.  The weather was warm, but actually pretty nice, especially when it was a bit cloudy and there happened to be a breeze.  We headed down around 11am – which is right when they open – and that was a good choice because while it was still pretty crowded, it wasn’t nearly the crowds that we’ve seen in the past.

The husband started with the  Squash Curry with Rice from Lao Laan-Xang.  He enjoyed it, and it was a pretty decent portion size for $4.


Next up was the Mac and Cheese from The Old Fashioned.  The husband ate all of this as well, but I’ve had it before and it (as well as their amazing cheese curds) are delicious!


Around the corner the husband spotted Fried and Fabulous which had everything on their menu for $1! The husband opted for the deep fried PB & J and it was definitely the best deal of the day.  It was about the size of half a (filled) donut for only $1.


Next, the husband had to try a Beer Brat Corndog from Buck and Badger.  It was probably the most unique thing he tried. At $3 you were definitely paying for that uniqueness though.


I spotted Jamba Juice next and I couldn’t pass up a Strawberry Wild for $2.50.  The mini cup was pretty adorable and it was surprisingly cold considering they just had them in coolers and it was bright and sunny outside though.  Even though it was probably overpriced for the portion size, I don’t think I would’ve wanted to carry a larger size around with me.


The next thing I saw that I knew that I had to have was Kettle Corn from Schultz’s Sugar River Kettle Corn.  Kettle corn is a recent discovery for me, and it is the best when it is fresh.  A bag was $4 and this was also a great deal for the price I thought.  (They were very smart and had twist ties at the booth so that you could close up the bag if you didn’t want to eat the entire thing.)



For the last stop of the day, I had some Chicken Pad Thai from Bahn Thai.  This was also a pretty good portion size for $4.  It isn’t my favorite Pad Thai in the world, but it was still pretty tasty.


(Thanks to the husband for being my hand model!)

One thing that we didn’t get this time around was the Cookie Dough Egg Roll from Bluephies – but it wasn’t because it wasn’t there or that we don’t like it anymore.  I actually had gone to Bluephies for lunch the day before and had it then, so I decided two days in a row would be a little much.  They are delicious but also super rich!

Overall it was a good, worthwhile trip! Looking back at my previous recaps, I’m glad to see that each one is at least a little different!  You can also tell that this time around we must’ve gone when it was less crowded because we ended up trying more things than in the past.

Who else went to Taste of Madison last weekend?
What was your favorite thing you got??

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  1. Mmm LOVED Taste of Madison this year. The brat corn dog was one of my favorites. We also tried the Fried Lobster Bites– by far my favorite of the event.

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