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Old Fashioned Apple Crisp

After we went apple picking a couple of weeks ago, I was on the hunt for apple recipes. Of course this time of year they are all over the internet – I think people may be turning a corner and thinking of apple as an equal to pumpkin! My husband requested an apple crumble, so that is the first thing that I made.


I used this recipe from Barefeet in the Kitchen.  It seemed like the simplest, and used (almost) only ingredients that I had on hand.  I didn’t have rolled oats on hand, so I just used extra flour.


It was not very difficult to make, and it turned out pretty well.  The apples we chose (Cortland, I believe) were a bit too sour for our tastes, but overall it did seem just like you’d imagine a classic apple crisp.

Ease: A-, not anything super difficult, but some work cutting up and peeling the apples and mixing up the topping.
Taste: A- I think it would’ve been better with sweeter apples.

Would I make it again? I think so.  It was easy enough, and a classic dessert.

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  1. Apples are not just the equal to pumpkin, but far superior to pumpkin in my opinion! I skip all of the “pumpkin spiced” stuff and head straight to the apple every fall! This crisp looks yummy!!!

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