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Apple Bread

Sometimes I wish that there weren’t so many delicious looking apple recipes out there, then it would be easier for me to choose which one to make! When I saw this recipe for Apple Bread on Relishments, it seemed simple and perfect. Bonus:  Emily took photos at each major step!  In this case, I didn’t feel like I necessarily needed that because it was fairly simple, but in general I am a fan of step by step photos so that if I am confused about a direction I can refer to them to make sure I am doing things correctly.


Aside from chopping up the apples, the recipe was very simple.  And really, the recipe only calls for 1 3/4 cups of apples so it isn’t like you have to chop very many of them.  I did leave out the nuts because I am not a fan of nuts in any kind of baked good.


My batter turned out a bit thicker than I think it should’ve been, and the same with the crumble that goes on top, but I think it still turned out alright.  The bread was sweet, but not over the top.  I think it would’ve been even better with more of a crumble on top, more like a muffin loaf.  I also feel like it was a bit dry, maybe the reason my batter was too thick was that it had too much flour?

Ease: A-, I can’t give it a solid A because it involves chopping apples and making crumble, but overall not hard at all to make.
Taste: A, a solid snack/dessert bread.

Would I make it again? I think so.  It was pretty easy to make, and it seems like something pretty much anyone would enjoy.  Maybe next time I’ll pay a little more attention to exact measurements and it’ll come out more moist and with a sweet crumbly topping.

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  1. I’m so glad you tried this and liked it! I haven’t made it in a long time, actually, so you’ve inspired me as well. Thanks so much for sharing it. Isn’t apple season the best?

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