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Local Foodie Gifts to Give

I love gift giving.  Whether it is just a random card in the mail, or a hostess gift, or a gift for a holiday, I really enjoying finding something that I know the giftee will love.  I try to shop locally for my gifts as much as possible – especially since Wisconsin is full of lots of homemade gifting-appropriate locally made things!

Maybe it is because I have a lot of food-loving friends, or maybe it is just because I enjoy good food, but local food based gifts are one of my go-to ideas.  Obviously some things I would love to give, but are not great for shipping. (Oh delicious cheese, I wish you didn’t have to be refrigerated!) But there are many other great options that are my go-to choices for local treats. (Full disclosure: I’m not being compensated to write about any of these companies, I just wanted to share some local product love!)


Quince and Apple – Small batch preserves and syrups made in Madison, WI.  The Pear with Honey and Ginger preserve is one of my favorites (They just came out with Raspberry Rose preserves which I can’t wait to try!) and they also have some adorable sampler gift sets.   I am not a huge jelly/jam/preserves person, but I love this stuff.  The preserves are great on crackers or crusty bread and/or with cheese. YUM

DB Infusion Chocolates – Artisanal chocolates made in Madison, WI.  They have a bunch of year round varieties, as well as seasonal choices.  I’m a big fan of the Honey Lavender and Vanilla Créme Brûlée.  They also have chocolate bars and drinking chocolate (aka fancy rich hot chocolate) which I’ve heard great things about as well.  Not only are these chocolates super tasty, but they are so pretty! Each flavor has a particular shape and design and all of them look so fancy.

Yumbutter – Various nut butters made in Madison, WI.  Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you probably know that I am not a peanut butter fan.  At all.  And those feelings haven’t changed, but so many people love this nut butter – and it is just a great company – that I couldn’t leave it off the list.  I’ve given it as gifts several times, and it is always a hit. The flavors range classic creamy peanut butter, to almond butter, to more exotic flavots like Spicy Thai Peanut Butter. They also give back, and do their part in making a more responsible and sustainable food chain. I’ve seen this company grow from only selling small batches at farmers’ markets to the much larger scale that they sell now, a great small business success story!

Potters Crackers – Organic artisan crackers made in Madison, WI. (They have grown so much nationally that they do also now have a bakery in California as well.)  These crackers paired with Quince and Apple preserves and some Wisconsin cheese are one of my favorite party treats.  They have several varieties (some gluten free!) including Rosemary, and Garlic And Baby Onion which are my favorites.

Wisconsin Maple Syrup – This was probably one of the first things that I recognized as a “local” food growing up.  (besides cheese of course) There are many different producers in Wisconsin, but Kickapoo Gold and Anderson’s are two that I am most familiar with.

Slacks Jams and Jellies (Warning: their website has sound!) – Jams, Jellies, and Salsa, made in Lodi, WI.  They have a wide variety of different jams, jellies, and other preserves.  I’m a big fan of their apple butter, and I love that they come in the classic mason jar.

Letterbox Tea – Hand crafted teas made in Milwaukee, WI. (They are produced by the same people that made the ever popular Collectivo Coffee.)  First of all, I LOVE how their tins look.  And I know looks alone don’t make a great tea, but there is something to be said about quality product design.  They have a variety of flavors including black, green, herbal, and chai teas. (I’ve heard especially great things about their chai!)

…and I could probably keep going, but I will stop there.  I love Wisconsin for its food selection.  For lots more check out WisconsinMade.Com and BuyWI.Org.

Okay, there is one more that I have to mention that is not great for shipping, but one of my favorite things that I’m currently missing out on because I am pregnant…New Glarus Brewing.  It is ONLY sold in Wisconsin, and they won’t ship, so if you are buying locally for a gathering for out-of-towners I highly recommend picking up some! My favorites are the Apple Ale (which may or may not still be available) and Serendipity.  Other popular choices are Spotted Cow and Raspberry Tart.  They also have several seasonal selections.

Fellow Madisonians, I’d love to know your favorite Madison food goodies to give as gifts!

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  1. Slaaaaaacks!!!!!!!


    This isn’t a food gift, but I am kicking myself for not getting one and want one as a gift –> I actually saw that orange tree imports were selling tiny terrace chairs (like, paper weight size) and they are so adorable!

    • Yes, those are adorable!! I’ve seen them at Orange Tree as well as in the Union gift shop, and I think even University Book Store!

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