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Thai Peanut Chicken Quinoa Bowls

When I was searching for higher protein/more filling meals to bring to work for lunch, I had a few people suggest quinoa based dishes to me.  I’m not entirely unfamiliar with quinoa, but I totally forgot that it was a good source of protein and other nutrients.  I think maybe I forgot about quinoa as an option because in the past when I’ve made it (or attempted to) it didn’t turn out so great.  I’m not sure if I’m just too impatient to let it actually soak up all of the liquid or what, but I can’t seem to get it to that light and rice-like kind of texture that it is supposed to be.  When Kayla suggested Thai Peanut Chicken Quinoa Bowls from Iowa Girl Eats as a possible option, I thought I would give it a try again.  It seemed like the kind of recipe that would make a filling meal AND good leftovers, plus I know the husband is up for anything Thai Peanut-ish.


The recipe was a bit time consuming to make – but not any more difficult than any other stir fry dish really.  I still don’t think I am making the quinoa perfectly, but it seems to get a little less mushy every time I make it.  Either way, when you mix it together with the rest of the stir fry fixings and sauce, it doesn’t matter a whole lot.


The dish overall was tasty!  We’ve actually made it twice already (only partially because I totally forgot to take photos the first time) so I’d say that’s a win.  The first time we made it, I actually used peas instead of edamame because I couldn’t find any edamame at the time.  The second time we made it, I found edamame (turns out, it tastes very similar to peas, I’m a fan!) and the only other thing that I changed was that I only added one teaspoon of the chili garlic sauce instead of the two that the recipe recommends.  The first time we made it, it was a tad spicy for me (please note, I have close to zero spice tolerance, this is not a spicy dish) and after this modification the second time it was perfect.

Ease: B+, there is a bit of work, as with any stir fry, but nothing too difficult.
Taste: A, really tasty – and it makes great leftovers!

Would I make it again?  I already have, and I’m sure we will again.  I want to try making it with tofu instead of chicken, too!

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