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Restaurant Review: Bonefish Grill

Full Disclosure:  I was invited to a media event to taste some of what Bonefish Grill has to offer. I am not being compensated for this post, and as always, all of the opinions are completely my own.

Several months ago a few different restaurants were starting to be built in the West Towne Mall area. Almost immediately there were banners up on the construction fencing with the names of the restaurants coming soon. One of those was Bonefish Grill.  I had heard of Bonefish Grill before (one just opened recently near my CDNY friends) and heard great things, but I had never been. New restaurants always get me excited, so I was pretty pumped for it to open so I would have a new place to try.  When the PR people from Bonefish Grill asked me to come to a media lunch last week,  I was still excited, but also a little weary of going.  Since I’m pregnant, there are things that I can’t/shouldn’t have to eat and I was worried that it would be a big hassle and/or not possible for them to adjust what I would be trying to accommodate those needs.  Fortunately, they assured me that it wouldn’t be an issue and they would be able to accommodate my dietary restrictions.

The media lunch was a small group of other media people and people involved in the restaurant – both locally, and the national brand.  We sat in their private dining room and had a nice quiet lunch and got to try some of their menu items.

Each dish had a wine paired with it, but I obviously didn’t partake in that portion.  I did get to try a couple of their non-alcoholic beverages though and they were delicious.  I tried their fresh lemonade, as well as the Blackberry Smash which was especially delicious.


For my first course I had the Omelet Oscar which is an omelet with asparagus, crab, smoked mozzarella, and lemon butter. (everyone else had the Surf and Turf Eggs Benedict) This is from their Brunch menu which is served Sundays starting at 10am.  I loved everything about this omelet.  The asparagus was cooked perfectly, the mozzarella was delicious (obviously) and the crab in combination with the lemon butter was amazing.  If I hadn’t know I would be having several other dishes, I easily could’ve eaten the whole thing.


For my second course I had the Cilantro Lime Salad with Wood-Grilled Shrimp.  (as did everyone else) The salad included roasted corn, black beans,  (pasteurized) Feta cheese, grape tomatoes, red onion, tortilla strips, and wood-grilled shrimp with a cilantro lime vinaigrette.  It was really light and tasty.  I’m a huge fan of corn in salads, and of course the Feta cheese.  The shrimp was perfectly cooked and seasoned, too.  To my surprise I actually even liked the addition of the tortilla strips. I’m not usually a fan of croutons and things on my salad, but these were thin enough, and there weren’t a ton of them, so they just added a nice little crunchy texture.


The next course was Surf + Turf Mixed Grill. Ahi Tuna Pan-Asian Style, Chilean Sea Bass with Mango Salsa, and Filet Mignon with White Truffle Butter.  This was probably my least favorite course – and I’m pretty sure it had something to do with them having to cook everything well done for me. (Medium-Rare steak is one of the things I miss most!)  All of the meats were ok, and the truffle butter on the steak was pretty tasty, but compared to the other dishes this was just not something that I really loved.


Then came the dessert course.  I may have been looking forward to this one ever since I saw it on the menu:  Chocolate Crème Brûlée.  Amazing.  Crème Brûlée can sometimes be kind of lackluster and standard, but this was pretty much the opposite of that.  The chocolate was sweet, but not over the top, and the whipped cream on top is made in house so it was very light and fresh.  I’m not usually a whipped cream fan at all, but the lightness of this was a really great addition to the chocolate. This is actually a seasonal item, so I definitely want to make sure I make it back to have it again before it is gone!


Overall the meal was really great. The restaurant itself is classy, but not stuffy, and has a really modern feel.  I will have to go back when I am not pregnant and check out their specialty drinks as well – the Winter White Cosmopolitan and the Blackberry Frost (which is served in an ice glass!) sound delicious! Thanks again to the people at Bonefish Grill for accommodating my dietary needs!

Taste: A, really delicious, delicious, food.
Cost: B+, I didn’t pay for this meal, but the prices on the menu are not too crazy I didn’t think.  The omelet I would’ve had would cost $9.90, and a full dinner sized portion of the Cilanto Lime Shrimp Salad would be $13.30.  So, a little more upscale, but not horribly expensive, especially considering the quality of the food.

Would I go there again?  Absolutely.  It would be great for an anniversary dinner or date night. ….or maybe I’ll just stop by for dessert and have some more of that Chocolate Crème Brûlée…

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