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Caprese Garlic Bread

Every year for the past few years we have gone over to a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve.  A friend of ours has a birthday on January 1st, so it just always made sense to come over then for some early birthday celebrations.  The night is always pretty low key, since the six of us all have (or will soon have) kids.  One of the things always on the agenda though is a semi-fancy dinner.  Not as fancy as it would probably be if you were going out to a nice restaurant that night, but definitely fancy for a home cooked meal.  In past years we have had things like homemade pasta, steak, and lobster.  This year, we had a pasta dish with chicken, as well as beef wellington for the main course. (I stuck with the pasta, since the beef wasn’t cooked to pregnant lady doneness)  For sides we had twice baked potatoes and green bean casserole.  For our contribution to the meal, we brought caprese garlic bread as an appetizer.  We used the recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod. (find it here.)


In order to make sure the bread wouldn’t get cold on the way over, we opted to prep everything at home before we went and then bake it there.  The recipe was really simple, and SUPER delicious.  I mean, I could pretty much live on bread and fresh mozzarella, so that really wasn’t a surprise, but it was a huge hit.


The new thing I did in this recipe was reducing the balsamic vinegar to top the bread.  I’ve had bread like this in restaurants, but never made it at home.  Now that I know how easy it is to make, and how delicious of an addition it would be to any fresh mozzarella sandwich, I think I will be making it more often in the future.

Ease: A-, there is a bit of prep, but not anything particularly difficult or time consuming.
Taste: A+, incredibly delicious.  I could’ve eaten a whole loaf as a meal.

Would I make it again? Absolutely.  It would make a great addition to any pasta type meal, or even as a “French bread pizza” type meal on its own, or with additional toppings.

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  2. This looks delicious — adding it to our Super Bowl menu!

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