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Favorite NYC Foods

This time of year is normally when I am gearing up for my annual trip to New York. The biggest trade show in my industry is always in New York City around Valentine’s Day, and for the past few years I’ve gone to visit my friends in the Capital District beforehand as well.  This year, since I have a tiny baby, I won’t be going.  While I am glad to be able to spend time with my new baby, (and not be stressed about traveling during the time of year where there will inevitably be a snow storm that impacts my travel) I’m sad to miss this fun event and my annual trip to New York City. One of my favorite parts of being there is all off the delicious food choices, so I thought I would recap some of my favorites for you!

Baked By Melissa Cupcakes

Baked By Melissa Cupcakes

These are by far my favorite cupcakes pretty much ever.  They are bite sized, and come in all kinds of different flavors.  They also look pretty, which is an added bonus.  The good news is that they actually ship their cupcakes!  I have actually gotten them shipped to Wisconsin a couple of times and they hold up well, and if you freeze them they last for quite a while! (That is if you don’t eat them all first, because since they are small it is ok to have like 5 at once…)

Juice Generation (and other fresh juice places)

Juice GenerationI know there are juice places in Madison, and they seem to be gaining popularity everywhere, but I think NYC was the place that I fell in love with fresh juice and fruit smoothies.  They are especially delicious when you have been traveling, or at a trade show for several days and trying to regain your sanity and health before getting on a plane to fly home.

 Maria Pia

Maria Pia Rissoto

Because Italian restaurants are some of the best in New York City, and this one was amazing.  As with some of the best restaurants in a big city, this was a small place, with a small menu, but good service and delicious food.  The seafood risotto in the photo above was probably the best risotto I’ve ever had. (and also a gigantic portion that would take me three days to eat)

Those are just a few of my favorite NYC foods.  Right now I am super into soft pretzels, so I would love a pretzel from a street vendor.  And also a delicious New York bagel or five.  I can’t wait to see you again next year NYC!!

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  1. mmm…this is making me (even more) excited for my trip next month!

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