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I’m Still Here

It has been almost a whole month since my last post.  That month has gone by so quickly.  Luckily, the pieces are falling together, and the days are getting easier.  My little newborn is happy and not as needy of every second attention as she was a month ago.  Even when she is not sleeping during the day, she is pretty content hanging out and looking around at things.  All of these things combined is making it easier for me to get some more “me time” and do things that had been put on the back burner for a bit while I adjusted to life with a tiny baby.  (I just finished my Project Life spread from the week she was born…that was over two months ago)

I have been posting slightly more often on my other family/life blog, so if (the five of you that are still reading) miss my posts, you could go over there to check out what has been going on.

I have a couple of posts that have been in draft for weeks, and I am hoping to get those published in April, and hopefully get back on track for a post or two a week.  I miss writing this blog – and having things to write about – so hopefully I’ll be back soon!

In the mean time, you can always follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram 🙂

Oh, and GO BADGERS!!


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  1. the cutest badger fan in all of badgerland!

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