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What I’m Eating: March/April 2015

Pregnancy is a funny thing as far as eating and hunger goes.  Well, at least for me it was.  The first trimester I had no appetite.  On the off chance that I did get hungry, nothing sounded good.  For me that lasted for the first several weeks, but then once I was well into the second trimester my appetite came back for the most part.  Then the third trimester – especially the last few weeks – I was basically eating all the time. I was almost never not some amount of hungry. Right after I gave birth, I was either not hungry at all, or all of a sudden starving. (also super tired, which I’m sure contributed.) Now, 8+ weeks later, I am finally getting back into the routine of eating normal foods at normal times, and eating enough so that I don’t wake up at 3am starving. I thought I’d post some of the things I’ve been eating recently to keep myself accountable for the healthy (and not-so-healthy) food choices that I’m making.

Bagels. Toasted with cream cheese.  This is my breakfast each and every day. I know it probably isn’t the most healthy breakfast, but it is easy and delicious, and knowing what is for breakfast every morning and having that to look forward to makes things more relaxing.

Fruit smoothie/juice beverages.  It took me a while to figure out what to do about waking up at all hours of the night hungry, but also being so tired that taking the time to make something to tide me over wasn’t ideal.  The best choice for me was smoothies.  Now, ideally these would be fruit smoothies that I make and portion out so that I have a bunch ready at once.  But for now I am drinking various Naked, Odwalla, and Bolthouse Farms beverages when I need something in a pinch.  I almost never drink a whole one at once, but I enjoy having them handy for a few sips when I’m up in the middle of the night/early morning. Some favorites: Odwalla Berries Gomega, Naked Red Machine, and Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost. (obviously berries are my smoothie fruit of choice.)


Bananas. Because they are easy to eat, and delicious. I’ve actually kind of been waiting for there to be a couple that get overripe so that I can make banana bread, but I’ve been eating them too quickly!

Noodles with butter and shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Sweet and Sour Tofu Stir Fry. This one usually isn’t a weeknight dinner because it takes a little bit more planning ahead to have the time to press the tofu.  I still love this recipe that I reviewed a while back.  I love it because it is easy, we usually have almost everything on hand, and is a nice change from the pasta and chicken based things that I eat pretty often.

Pancakes.  Regular from a mix version, and a thinner more crepe-like version that I’ve been loving lately – review coming soon!

Frozen Pizza. (anyone have a favorite variety? We like the thin and crispy crusts for the most part, and usually just go with whatever is new and different.)

Cliff Kids Fruit Rope.  Still a big fan of these (review here) as snacks – especially when I am about to walk out the door and realize that I should eat something or I’m going to be starving as soon as I get to the store.


Carrots dipped in ranch dressing.

Applesauce (my usual is Musselman’s unsweetened)

Chicken Sandwiches. Recently we’ve been eating grilled (er, pan cooked) chicken sandwiches about once a week for dinner.  It is easy, and fairly healthy, and tasty! They are usually accompanied by some variety of Alexia fries.

Obviously this isn’t a list of every single thing that I eat, but it is some of my weekly go-to foods.  I know they aren’t all the healthiest options, but its all about balance – especially when your meals are often planned around when the baby needs to eat/what she is doing.

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