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Light Lacy Pancakes

I am a big proponent of breakfast for dinner.  I could eat egg sandwiches and bagels and pancakes and french toast for every meal and be happy about it.  In fact, I more often have typical breakfast foods (egg sandwiches and pancakes for example) for lunch or dinner instead of breakfast.  I think it has to do with the fact that in the morning I’m often pretty hungry and don’t really have time to make an elaborate dish – especially if I’m the only one eating it. (Its not that the husband doesn’t like these foods, he just usually sleeps later than me so breakfast is really more like lunch.)


This particular pancake recipe came from the April Food Network Magazine.  (you can also find it online here.)  The issue is all about breakfast foods and was calling my name from across the checkout lane at Target a few weeks ago.  This recipe is one of several in the magazine that looked like something I would eat.

These super thin pancakes caught my eye because they looked similar to 49er flapjacks that they serve at The Original Pancake House.  Thin and crepe-like, and a little bit sweet and chewy.  These didn’t turn out quite the same as those, but still delicious.  They cook up quickly, and the recipe makes plenty for two people.

The only issue that we ran into is the size of the skillet.  The recipe says to use a “medium” skillet.  The first time we made these, I think the skillet we used was probably considered “large.” This made the pancakes really thin, so we experimented with adding more than the suggested 1/4 cup of batter, which made them a little thicker and much tastier – more like crepes instead of just paper thin pancakes.  The second time we made them, we made them in what would probably be considered a “small” skillet.  We used the suggested 1/4 cup of batter, and the thickness of the pancake was perfect.  Chewy middle with slightly crispy edges.

Ease: A+, these are quick and easy and use everyday ingredients.
Taste: A+, these are my new favorite pancakes.  Not the traditional style, but a nice change of pace.

Would I make them again? Yes, I have and I will again.

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