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Restaurant Review: Heist Brewery

Full Disclosure: I paid for this meal with my own money and I am not being compensated in any way for this post.  As always, all of the opinions are completely my own. 

Recently I took a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina for work.  I travel for work a fair amount and there aren’t always good food options located within walking distance to the hotel and/or convention center.  Luckily, Charlotte has a good amount of food choices within walking distance, and we also rented a car so we had the luxury of being able to drive to dinner too.

Before the conference started, we had a day to relax, so we decided to take advantage of the extra time and drive to dinner. I had heard that Charlotte has several craft breweries, and while I am not a beer fan, the person that I travel with is, so we decided to head for one for dinner: Heist Brewery.


The actual indoor restaurant is pretty small, but they have a good amount of outdoor seating, too.  The reason why I chose this restaurant was because while they are a microbrewery, and have some kind of typical bar and grill fare, it all has a bit of an interesting twist on it.  Also, it is all tapas style small plates which are great for sharing things when going to a new restaurant.

We started the meal with the Spinach Dip which is described on the menu as “Roasted Mater and Spinach Flatbread” but it is so much more than that.  It was a warm spinach and artichoke cheese dip as well as a flatbread with tomatoes, spinach, and cheese.  Basically two meals in one. I kind of wish that I had gotten just this as my meal because it was very hard not to just eat the entire thing, it was SO good.  The flatbread was perfectly crispy, and the dip was amazing.  Probably the best spinach artichoke dip that I’ve ever had.


The second dish that we got to share was the Baked Lobster and Scallops Capatavi which is described as woodfired lobster, seared scallop, lobster cream, smoked bacon, charred leeks.  Since I am not a fan of bacon, I didn’t love this dish.  However, the person that I was with did, and I can definitely see why you would if you were a bacon lover because even without eating any of the actual bacon pieces it stilled tasted a lot like bacon.


The last dish that we got to share was The Grilled Cheese which includes black truffle oil, sheep manchego, cave aged gruyere, and Jasper Hill Farm blue cheese with a white oak and hickory tomato bisque.  For me, the tomato bisque was way to smokey for me to enjoy.  It’s too bad because the grilled cheese was really delicious.


Overall it was a good meal, and a fun place to go eat.  Definitely something unique and you could tell there were lots of locals there since it was a ways from the convention center, which is always what I look for when I am in a different city looking for somewhere to eat.

Taste: A-, it is hard to not just give it a straight A or higher, (That spinach dip and flatbread was an A+!) but while I enjoyed most of the food, some of it was just not quite my taste.
Cost: A, considering the amount of food, quality food, and uniqueness, I don’t think it was all that bad.  The spinach dip was $10 which is not bad at all.

Would I go there again? It is always hard to say if I would go to the same place again while visiting a city, but if I was living in Charlotte, I think I would venture back to Heist and try some of their other interesting dishes.

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