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  • Welcome! My name is Kelly, and I am a picky eater. On this blog I share recipes, new (to me) foods, restaurants, and products that I try in an effort to expand my tastes. You might also find me talking about my pug Olive, Miss Kitty, Project Life, my journey with running, and more! Feel free to contact me: [email protected]

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Currently: July 2015


Full Disclosure: I was invited to this event and given some free cheeses, but I am not being compensated for this post and the opinions are completely my own.

Eating – All of the cheeses. Last week I was invited to hang out with the nice people of Roth Cheese with Jessica of Bliss and Balance.  If there is one thing I am not (er, well, less at least) picky about, it is cheese.  There are definitely cheeses that I like more than others, but generally cheesy things can’t go wrong in my book.  Their chef showcased some delicious recipes that we got to try and we talked a bunch about their various (multiple award winning) cheeses.  All of the food that I had was delicious, but I was especially a fan of the dessert of puff pastry, strawberries, cheese and a dollop of fresh whipped cream.  I also really enjoyed the Summer Squash Strata which I will be recreating and sharing the recipe for in the near future!

Thinking – About how this year is going SO quickly!  Baby A is going to be 6 months old next week, and I feel like Christmas is just around the corner.  Also I am several months behind on Project Life (4 maybe?) which is making me feel like I’ll never catch back up.  I almost always print my photos at home because it is a quicker option than having to order them and wait for them to come, but I actually ordered some prints from Shutterfly last week because they had a free print promotion.  Hopefully once those come it’ll be easy to just get them in some pages to at least have some temporary organization.

Loving – Summer walks.  The husband and I have been walking with the baby almost every night recently.  Not only does it make me more happy about my step count for the day (I’m back on the FitBit train!) but even after the laziest days, it makes me feel more productive to know that I spent some time out of the house.


Full Disclosure: This “Easy as Breeze” post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. For more “Easy As Breeze” recipes made with five ingredients or less, visit Almond Breeze on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  As always the opinions are completely my own.

Drinking – All of the coffee.  Man, I am so much more productive when I am caffeinated. I have been trying to cut back on buying lattes, and since I am at home more these days that is easier to do as long as I remember to keep some on hand at home.  In the mornings I usually drink hot brewed coffee, but in the afternoons – especially since the weather has been a lot warmer recently – I have been drinking iced coffee.  This is where it usually gets tricky because we don’t normally have ice in the house, so I can’t just brew a cup of coffee and then put ice in it.  But also leaving the house just to go get a cup of (overpriced) iced coffee is a bit ridiculous.  Recently I found a great solution to this iced coffee dilemma. I picked up some Chameleon Cold Brew concentrate the other day at Target and fell in love.  I really enjoy that it is concentrate because you can dilute it to your liking and add (or not add) whatever you like.  I had been doing equal parts concentrate and water with a splash of nonfat milk.  Recently, Blue Diamond sent me some Almond Breeze Chocolate Almondmilk to try.  I tried adding a splash of that in my iced coffee instead of of regular milk, and it was delicious!  It is a little sweeter than normal milk, but not super sweet and it it has a bit of a nutty flavor which pairs well with the coffee.

Traveling – Up north to my relative’s cabin soon for a family get together, and then Chicago!  I used to go to Chicago so often, I feel like it has been forever since I was there. (really it has been about a year)  While I don’t always love the Chicago area traffic or crowds of tourists during the Summer, I do miss the large variety of food options there.  I can’t wait for some delicious meals during the two days that I am there….even if it is just take out or kid-friendly restaurants.

Writing – About food and food products on this blog, and baby, home, and crafty things on my other blog. (Handprints and Pawprints)  I’m excited to have the time and energy to be making recipes, trying new products, and writing about them again.  Nothing like a couple of months of very little blogging to refresh and reinvigorate your blogging mojo.  I am also enjoying keeping this one more food focused from now on.  I always kind of felt like some of the posts that I wanted to write didn’t really fit into what Brownies and Zucchini was originally started out to be so I’m glad to have another outlet that is much more of a broad “lifestyle” type blog to write about whatever non-food related things.

Sending – Lots of snail mail!  I’ve subscribed to A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail for the past few months and it always inspires me to send some snail mail to my favorite blog friends across the country.  I love getting snail mail, so it’s fun to send some happiness to my friend’s mailbox! (It puts my washi tape addiction to good use, too.)

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