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Strawberry Cheesecake Bars

Summer = Berries. (well, and S’Mores)

Maybe it is just because I enjoy most varieties of berries and this is the season when they are the freshest and most prolific, but I am always in the mood for berries in the Summer.  They are tasty on their own, or in some sort of baked good or dessert.  I especially like them in lighter desserts for those hot Summer days.

This is a berry dessert…but it isn’t exactly a light one.

For a family gathering earlier this Summer, we decided we wanted some sort of strawberry based dessert.  In an effort to make something portable, and delicious, we chose these Strawberry Cheesecake Bars from Tutti Dolci.


These bars were delicious – and tasted just like cheesecake – but they were not super easy to make.  I probably should have read the whole recipe ahead of time so that I would’ve know that before we started to make them. Whoops!  Some of the process could probably be made a bit easier – like using strawberry jam instead of fresh strawberries – but a lot of the things just take time.  Pre-baking the crust, chilling in the refrigerator for several hours, and then chilling it quickly in the freezer at the very end in order to make it easier to slice, are things that can’t really be avoided but definitely take up a lot more time than if you were just making a simpler dessert.

Overall though, these were a hit with everyone!

Ease: C+, yeah definitely not a super easy one, but there are a some ways you could probably cut some corners if you wanted too. I’m not sure it would taste quite as good without those fresh strawberries though!
Taste: A+, really delicious.

Would I make it again?  I’m not sure.  Because of all of the time and energy it takes, it might take some convincing.

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